KBShimmer (Partial) Fall Collection 2015 Swatches and Review


My goodness! Can you BELIEVE that it’s already September?! How.in.the.world. did it come SO fast? What September means for me is first and foremost Birthday Month, My Boys’ Birthday Month, and SO many things, such as *sigh* Fall/Autumn Season! I adore this season! Why? Well, I can wear a red lipstick out and about without feeling too over the top! That, and all the beautiful collections that Fall/Autumn tends to bring. This includes one of my favorite Indies’ collection for the Fall 2015. It’s just as beautiful as I imagined! And, the names always get a giggle out of me. Love me some puns.


As always, this collection got me really excited, and the colors are phenomenal. I chose 7 that really caught my eye, so let’s PressSampleStickertake a look at them! 

The ones that will be featured are:
– KBShimmer Fig-Get About It
– KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous
– KBShimmer Such a Vlad-Ass
– KBShimmer Open Toad Shoes
– KBShimmer Teal It To My Heart
– KBShimmer Talk QWERTY To Me
– KBShimmer Breaking Blues

Starting with the cremes, we have Such a Vlad-Ass, Teal It To My Heart, and Breaking Blues.

Such a Vlad-Ass is a badass deep red. Definitely my favorite creme from this collection! Perfect in 2 coats!


Teal It To My Heart is a beautiful true teal. Absolutely stunning in 2 coats.


Breaking Blues is a deep periwinkle. I’m a HUGE fan of periwinkle, as it’s such a pleasant color to look at. This one went on gorgeously in 2 coats.


Now for the glitters and holographics.

Open Toad Shoes is a stunning sage green base with a variety of glitters. This one is such a fun one! This went on beautifully in 3 thin coats.

KBShimmerOpenToadShoesFig-Get About It is a deep eggplant purple holographic. This shade is such a lovely shade! I absolutely love purples like this! Three coats give it its lustre.



I Feel Gourd-geous is my favorite of the glitters! This champagne sparkler is such a delight! Thin coats of three make it delectable!



Talk QWERTY To Me is not only the most genius name, it’s a beautiful glass-speck teal polish. Perfection in 3 thin coats.


The collection featured smooth and creamy formula. This made applying the nail polish easy and seamless. The colors are fantastic and definitely epitomize Fall/Autumn. My favorites from this collection are absolutely Talk QWERTY To Me, I Feel Gourd-geous, and Such a Vlad-Ass.


Which ones tickle your fancy?


  1. Oooooh, Vlad-ass and I Feel Gourd-eous are calling to me! So pretty

  2. Their polishes are always so unique. Love the swatches!

  3. What a gorgeous collection! Fig-Get About It is just stunning!

  4. My comments keep disappearing! It’s so strange! This is such a gorgeous collection. I need Fi-Get About it in my life!

  5. I have to try this brand, I have read nothing but amazing reviews!

  6. These shades are stunning! I just purchased my first few KB Shimmer polishes, and I’m so excited to use them!

  7. I’m wearing Fig-Get About It and don’t ever want to take it off. I find it so flattering and I know it’s going to get a lot of use. Talk Qwerty to Me is the next one I want to wear. These polishes are so fabulous.

  8. Talk QWERTY To Me is so pretty

  9. Fig-Get About It is such a pretty color!

  10. Of course I love the holos, but Breaking Blues is such a stunner!

  11. This collection was yanked out of my brain. It’s full of me colours. 😀

  12. the fall collection is screaming my name – this is torture, I must have them all.

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