Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box + First Impressions and Review


Since my son turned three (he will be four in 2 months from today), he has been all about getting packages. He sees that Mommy and Daddy often get boxes with their names on it (yes, we’re a family that online shops) and often wishes for a box of his own, and to indulge him, I sometimes have little surprises (depending on behavior, of course!) sent for him. These always make his day and that smile gets imprinted in my mind.

Little Passports offered to send over their introductory box for my son to check out and for me to share a review with all of you, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride of exploration!


As soon as the box arrived, he was super thrilled with the idea that this box was JUST for him, so he demanded I opened it, PressSampleStickerbut of course, I couldn’t without pictures, so since he sped my usual review process up, the review went up the same day it arrived – today! 

The box has stamps on the outside to make it extra special, and if your child can read, even more so. Since my son still is working on letter sounds, all he understood were the Eiffel Tower and landmark stamps. (He’s obsessed with Egypt and the pyramids and Eiffel Tower and Paris thanks to Little Einsteins).




Inside the box, there is a sweet and adorable suitcase made of sturdy cardboard. My son has been playing with it all day long! He has even since decorated the inside with stickers.



Inside, you will find the following:

  • A fun orange suitcase (as shown above)
  • Wall-sized World Map
  • 20-page activity booklet
  • Luggage Tag
  • Stickers and wall decal


The wall-sized world map is just what I needed for my son’s playroom. Since he is a huge fan of the show Little Einsteins, he already is aware of certain landmarks around the world and even cities and countries. This helps put things into perspective for him as he was SO excited to point out Egypt.




You receive a 20-page activity booklet, which is what my son got into first!



After a small trip last week, he’s been interested in suitcases, luggage tags, and baggage claim, so this couldn’t have come at a better time!


And, stickers and wall decals. What more could a little boy want? Right?!


Now, let’s talk about how this subscription actually works.




Not only do they offer these subscriptions, they also have a World Coin Collection (which caters to the child in me, as I also had/have a HUGE international coin collection growing up!) and personalized products, and don’t forget to use the coupon code of BTS25 for 25% off the personalized products!


So, what did the little one have to say about this subscription box especially for him? I think the picture below says it all!


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