Red Apple Lipstick Summer Collection 2015 Swatches and Review


Gluten free? You don’t have to give up your makeup! Red Apple Lipstick has you all covered! If you’ve seen my posts on them before, you know I love them and even met them once at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo! The Summer Collection includes six lipsticks and two lipglosses. I even named one of them! 🙂


In this post we will discuss the following: PressSampleSticker
– Risque!
– Firecracker
– Petal to the Metal (the one I named!)
– Twist & Pout
– Beachside
– Unpinkable

And lipglosses in:
– S.W.A.K.
– Tiny Dancer

Let’s start with the lipsticks!


Shown below is Unpinkable.


Risque! is a soft tomato red. The satin (X-Series) finish makes it extremely comfortable to wear and looks flawless, as well. Also a great red for those who don’t want to don a matte, bold red.



Firecracker is a beautiful soft, burnt orange. Another satin (X-Series) shade that is a great starter for those who want to wear something bold but are not quite ready. Another beautiful shade.



Petal to the Metal (the one I named! Woohoo! :)) is a beautiful, metallic rose. This is such a comfortable shade to wear, and is not as glossy as the first two, and the shimmer does not feel gritty at all. (Also, I will be giving away this shade some time end of this month on Instagram, so make sure you’re following!)



Twist & Pout is a flattering pink nude satin (X-Series) that looks fantastic on every skintone, I’m sure! This shade has a nice shine. Very moisturizing!



Beachside is a more warm nude with brown undertones. Another very versatile shade for all skintones. This one is super glossy, although it is classified as a satin (X-Series) and comfortable to wear.


RALBeachsideFace Unpinkable is a gorgeous soft berry shade that will stun year-round! This one is also not quite as glossy, but has a shine to it. Beautiful, flattering color, though!




L-R: Beachside, Twist & Pout, Unpinkable, Petal to the Metal, Firecracker, Risque!

And, now for the lipglosses!

First, we have Tiny Dancer, a nice, warm nude that will pair beautifully with Beachside. Shown below alone on the lips. They have beautiful pigment and are buttery on the lips.




S.W.A.K. (Sealed With A Kiss) is definitely a YLBB (Your Lips But Better) Shade for me. This shade matches my lip color and enhances them. Beautiful pink shade and just as buttery and pigmented as Tiny Dancer.





L-R: Tiny Dancer, S.W.A.K.

I absolutely adore Red Apple Lipstick’s Lipsticks and Lipglosses. As they are gluten free, they are great for those with gluten allergies and those who avoid those products. I keep their lipsticks and lipglosses in my purse because a lot of their shades are my purse-must-haves! The wear on these is definitely short (but of course, you have to realize, I wear long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks most times, too) but the satin (X-Series) wear a lot longer than the glossier finishes. It’s definitely a good idea to keep these with you while wearing for touch-ups.

And, to recap:


What do you think of this collection? Which ones are catching YOUR eye?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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  2. These are gorgeous! I love that you named one of them, and it happens to be my favorite color too!

  3. What gorgeous lippies! For me, I like the first three shades, and though you look fabulous in all colors, I love how Beachside looks on you – I would look like a corpse but you look fabulous. I’ve heard great things about Red Apple lipsticks, I’ve gotta take the plunge some day

  4. How cool that you got o name one! I love all of the colors

  5. Gorgeous lipsticks! I love unpinkable, and how cool that you named one! Awesome!

  6. Risque is gorgeous! I’m going to have to get my hands on that one. 🙂

  7. Beachside is gorgeous on you!

  8. So many great shades! I love the shade you named and Twist and Pout.

  9. These are all so pretty on you! I feel like this shade range was made for you.

  10. I’m serious, is there ANY lipstick that doesn’t look good on you?! I love so many of these, but especially Risque!

  11. Unpinkable is my favorite for sure!

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