Zakia’s Morocco Moroccan Black Soap, Kessa Royal Exfoliating Glove, and 100% Organic Argan Oil Review


After reviewing Zakia’s Morocco Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask, they were were kind enough to send me more of their products. I was really excited to try the Black Soap because I’ve heard such great things about this antioxidant-enriched soap. Also received 100% Pure, Organic Argan Oil and the Kessa Royal Exfoliating Glove.


Starting off with the Moroccan Black Soap, I was really intrigued by the way it was packaged. Upon opening, you find an interesting textured product. Almost like a stiff yet pliable hair gel consistency. PressSampleSticker

The soap “BELD” is a 100% natural plant product. Based on an olive oil pulp this soap is extremely rich in vitamin E. It is a great emollient, exfoliator and moisturizer. It cleanses the skin by removing dead cells and toxins leaving the skin soft and silky to the touch. Thanks to this high content of vitamin E, it helps to revitalize the skin, acting against dryness, dehydration and aging skin. This soap lathers modestly and you will love the richness of its texture.


The scent of the product is subtle yet has a vague herbal scent. It is hard to describe the scent but it did not put me off, as I’ve been using this since I received it. You just “pinch” a bit and lather it onto a loofah or onto the Kessa Exfoliating Glove. I chose to use a loofah, as that is what I normally use anyway, but the Kessa Exfoliating Glove comes in handy when I want to exfoliate and I’m out of my body scrub or just want a deep cleanse.


Moving on to the Argan Oil, I must say, I’m already half-full of the product. This has been by far my FAVORITE Argan Oil I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried several. Not only is it unscented, I can SEE the moisturizing effects. I have been using this on my son in lieu of body butter, especially after his shower, since he is prone to dry skin, and his skin has been glowing, so I’ve been making sure to keep this as part of our daily routine. I am definitely going to need MORE of this!!



I must say that these products have become incorporated into my daily routine, and that really says a lot about them! But recapping, the Moroccan Black Soap is definitely a texture that you may not be used to as it is kind of like a stiff hair gel/pomade. But, it does the job. It gives your skin that clean, soft feel, and if you use it long enough, the effects may definitely show up more, as it is so abundant of vitamins and minerals. The Kessa Exfoliating Glove gives you the royal treatment as it allows your body to feel deeply cleansed by luxuriously exfoliating you. Make sure you don’t use this harshly on your skin because it can be abrasive. The Argan Oil is a great way to follow up to the Moroccan Black Soap as your skin will drink it right up. And, seriously, I am half-full of this product in SUCH a short time! It’s so great!

What do you think? Have you ever tried black soap, a kessa exfoliating glove, and argan oil? What are your thoughts about these things? Have you tried Zakia’s Morocco products?

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