ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks PART II Swatches and Review


And, we’re back with the 2nd part of my order. Of course, I was ready to swatch and review for you all as soon as I grabbed the package. If you want to see the other six I purchased and reviewed the other day, you can find the following colors (ColourPop Trap Ultra Matte Lip, ColourPop Solow Ultra Matte Lip, ColourPop Donut Ultra Matte Lip, ColourPop Ouiji Ultra Matte Lip, ColourPop Highball Ultra Matte Lip, and ColourPop Lychee Ultra Matte Lip) HERE.

Again, I chose the liquid lipsticks carefully because as I already own tons of liquid to matte products, I wanted to choose those that would look right on my skintone (which for reference is NC35). Let’s move on to the next 8 liquid lipsticks I purchased (at $6 EACH).

Shown is Pacific.


To repeat myself from the previous post, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging of the liquid lipstick itself. Very chic andPurchasedbyMeSticker sturdy! I believe it holds .11 fl oz, which is a very decent size and also comparable to other brands of liquid lipsticks.

The applicator has a slant, which made it perfect to line and fill in the lips. It is not flexible, but it does the job it’s meant to do.



In this post, we will be taking a closer look at:
– ColourPop 1st Base Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Bumble Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Tulle Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Pacific Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Drive-In Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Mars Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Succulent Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Zipper Ultra Matte Lip

ColourPop5L-R: 1st Base, Pacific, Succulent, Mars, Zipper, Bumble, Tulle, and Drive-In

Starting off with 1st Base, this sweet pink is just adorable!



Pacific is a beautiful (and bright) true orange. This one was a bit difficult to apply and streaky, but once on, it dried off to a velvet finish.



I’m a huge fan of red-oranges because sometimes I feel like orange can look a tad too bright, but a red-orange looks classic. Take a look at Succulent.



I love deep pinks, and Mars is totally my jam! What a beautiful, showstopping pink! Total love.



Zipper is a bold, deep purple. This shade screams Fall to me, but sometimes, I decide to wear it on a hot, Summer day, like today.



Bumble is the shade of my dreams. I feel like this will be my go-to shade!



ColourPop Lady is definitely MY FAVORITE Lippie Stix that ColourPop has created, so when they announced Tulle, I was thrilled because it looks like the liquid lipstick version.



L-R: ColourPop Tulle, ColourPop Lady Lippie Pencil, ColourPop Lady Lippie Stix


And, last but not least, is Drive-In, a beautiful pink with strong purple undertones.



I was waiting to test the darker formulas of these, and well, they impressed me even more than the light ones! They were light (and definitely not drying) as promised. Most of them required 2 coats (allowing 1 to dry first and then a 2nd application) but the opacity rocked my socks off! For $6, these are comparable to other liquid lipsticks for sure! These are not mousse-like at all, so they do require a steady hand to line and fill, but don’t worry about it drying on you while you’re applying. They take a quick minute or so to dry. Since I was swatching them one by one, I fanned my lips (no kidding!) to get them to dry, but they have the ultra matte finish as promised. They don’t have a scent or taste to them, which is a plus, but I kind of wish they had a vanilla scent to them like their Lippie Stix. I will definitely be buying a couple more when they relaunch! And, I hope they keep adding to this line (my wallet, however, does not wish this!)

And, to recap!


L-R: 1st Base, Bumble, Tulle, Pacific, Mars, Drive-In, Succulent, and Zipper


I think I now need a few of the other shades I decided to skip. What do you think? Do you see any you need or want?

Facebook: ColourPop Cosmetics

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own


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  2. I’m a huge fan of matte lipstick!

  3. As usual, you look fabulous in each and every shade! I love so many of the shades you bought, but these look like they could be too matte for my dry lips.

  4. Every single one looks absolutely stunning on you, as always! These colors are so saturated and pigmented!

  5. Bumble looks awesome! What a gorgeous shade!

  6. I love everything. I checked the website but I don’t see these anymore

  7. The colors are gorgeous! The funny thing is I’m terrified of matte lippies b/c I bite my lips. I so want to try them.

  8. I want so much from ColourPop but I’ll have to skip these even though they look beautiful on you. I have teeny lips and I just don’t think these would flatter me.

  9. Great swatches! I love the purple!

  10. These look great on you, I read on their IG that they will be back in stock first of August… so make a list now heheh

  11. I could go for Mars. I don’t think that I could do the formula, tho. They all look fantastic on you!

  12. Amazing shades! I would gladly add any of these shades to my collection.

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  14. Mars is SO PRETTY!!!

  15. Thank you, this is really useful because skintone! Tulle looks different on you now I don’t know between bumble and tulle hahahaha

  16. Difference between tulle and daydream lippie stix.

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