ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Review


Body scrubs are a must for me because I am prone to dry skin. For me, this takes care of any of the dead skin cells on my body and polishes and buffs my skin anew. When given the opportunity to try the ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub, I definitely rose to the occasion because a jar of body scrub lasts me around 2 weeks, and it’s a must for me. As it contains natural mineral oils, it is also moisturizing, as well.


When I opened the lid, I was surprised with an abundance of oil. I stirred and it still did not become as solid as I prefer, so I PressSampleStickertook the extraneous oil and poured it into my (empty) body oil container, so I could still use it without it getting wasted. It was a good decision because more liquid scrubs tend to wash off without doing their job. So, if you can place the oil elsewhere and then stir, you will get a more desired consistency to the body scrub. (Seen below is AFTER I did so.)


The scent is much like a men’s cologne, and it is a bit strong, but I liked the scent and I also loved the fact it made me smell clean afterwards. It really did buff and exfoliate, and the oil did give me a layer of comfortable, smooth skin. I felt that if you can find an empty container for the excess oils, you will really find this body scrub delightful!

What do you think? Do you enjoy body scrubs?

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  1. Too bad there’s so much extra oil in this scrub. You were so smart to pour it off and use it on its own!

  2. What a great idea to pour off the excess oil and place it in a jar to use later. While I like the nourishing aspect of oil-laden body scrubs, I don’t like the oily mess that it can make on the bottom of my shower.

  3. aww the scent would bug me

  4. I love body scrubs but I do not love actually scrubbing myself. I am too lazy 😛

  5. I love scrubs and I think I’m beginning to be a bit of a scrub hoarder. The extra oil and scent would probably drive me crazy.

  6. I love scrubs and I think I’m beginning to be a bit of a scrub hoarder. The extra oil and scent would probably drive me crazy.

  7. I hate oily scrubs, they gross me out heheh Great idea for just pouring it out.

  8. I love a good scrub! I don’ know if the scent would work for me, but I like a slightly oily scrub on my dry skin.

  9. The scent would throw me off!

  10. How strange with all that oil, but I agree body scrubs are definitely a must! I’m currently working on one from Teadora and one from Soap & Glory!

  11. I like the idea of pouring off some of the oil since sometimes a scrub will get dry towards the end and you could add it back. But this scrub is not for me after reading your review. The scent would bother me unfortunately.

  12. I imagine tub accident due to excessive oil in it. Too much watching Final Destination here, haha!

  13. Strong scent and oil will have me running lol I need to relax and I’m oily enough =D

  14. I have always had good experiences with Adovia stuff.

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