Nail Butter – Nail/Cuticle Care & Treatment – Review


The Winter was rough on my cuticles and nails this year, but the Summer has also been humid and harsh, so keeping my hands moisturized is key! The root to healthy cuticles and nails IS moisturized hands and skin. Nail Butter is a cuticle cream that helps the cause. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


In an adorable glass pot with a chic polka-dotted lid, the Nail Butter resides. The scent I received to try was Lemongrass, PressSampleStickerand I adore the scent because it reminds me of the chai my Mom makes. She usually adds a dash of lemongrass to it, which is actually atypical of Indian chai, but delicious nevertheless. So, when I took a whiff of the Nail Butter, I was transported to my childhood.

Nail Butter is quite large, and fits well in the palm of my hand, so I do not see myself taking this along on a trip, and the best part is, a LITTLE goes a LONG way!



The formula is thick, so again, a little goes a long way, and feels a lot like a body butter but a tad thicker. Adding a small dot on each nail is more than enough. I gently massage it into my cuticles and the area around it, and the formula will feel slightly greasy and heavy, but that’s why it is so effective, in my opinion. It takes a while for your skin to drink it up, but you will love the way your nails and cuticles feel afterwards!



I definitely needed this in my life because it really makes my nails and cuticles look healthier than ever! The scent is fantastic and light, so it does not offend your senses. And, the packaging is adorable and chic, which makes it such a little treat!

Have you ever tried Nail Butter? What do you use for your nails and cuticles?

And, this totally reminds me of Stacie from Pitch Perfect!


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