NYX Cosmetics Power Wicked Lippie Swatches and Review


When I’m not wearing liquid lipsticks, I really like to wear metallic, glitzy lipsticks! They are really fun to wear and almost like a piece of jewelry! Of course, when you wear metallic lipsticks, you have to make sure that the rest of your makeup isn’t too outstanding otherwise it can totally negate the effect. And, you definitely don’t want that!!

In this post, we will be talking about NYX Cosmetics Wicked Lippie in the shade Power, a beautiful metallic deep rose with a lilac/lavender touch and icy silver shimmer.

NYXWickedLippiePowerThis lipstick is definitely wearable compared to the other colors in this range. I think that’s pretty much why I choPurchasedbyMeStickerse it, even though, I wish that people could wear any color they like without being judged. Let’s take a look at this beauty!!






The thing with metallic shades is that they are usually sheerer than mattes. For this reason, the color will mix with your natural lip color. This shade is not completely sheer, so even though it still mixes with your natural lip color, it also stands alone. I love that the lilac/lavender tones of this rose shade really showed up and that the icy shimmer really stood out, as well.

The lipstick does not have a gritty feel to it even with the shimmer, so know that this will wear comfortably. I didn’t notice a scent or taste to it, either. The last is a little less than the last of a matte lipstick as it has a slight glossy finish, but it does wear a really good amount of time. I did have a snack and drink wearing this, and it did come off just a little, but not enough to be noticeable.There are a few other colors I’d love to try from this range, and if they wear similarly, I’ll definitely be impressed.

What do you think of the lipsticks in the NYX Cosmetics Wicked Lippies range?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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