L.A. Girl Dreamy, Fleur, and Bazaar Matte Pigment Gloss Swatches and Review



You may remember not too long ago, I swatched and reviewed L.A. Girl Rebel and Backstage Matte Pigment Glosses. I liked them so much, I decided to grab 3 more, so I purchased Dreamy, Fleur, and Bazaar. I’m SO glad I did because these liquid lipsticks are pretty stellar compared to their “higher end” counterparts. Let’s dive right into these!


Top to bottom: Dreamy, Fleur, and Bazaar

Starting off with Dreamy, a warm neutral. This one is a great shade for those who aren’t digging the likes of Lime Crime Cashmere, ColourPop Tootsi, and LASplash Ghoulish.




Then, there’s Fleur, an peachy neutral. This is such a gorgeous, flattering neutral that I cannot wait to wear this again! If you’ve got yellow, peach, golden undertones in your skin, this is going to look MARVELOUS on you!!




Bazaar is a mid-tone warm pink. This one is simply gorgeous for daily wear. I have a hard time finding pinks I like on myself, and this one really fit the bill for pinks I like, so I was pretty excited!




Overall, I must say that I really, really love the flat finish of these matte pigment glosses. They really do sit flat and matte. Also, these 3 were NOT sticky once dry, while the darker ones seemed to have some tackiness to them. They were a bit drying and tightened the lips some but they were not completely uncomfortable. They had a bit of smell to them like LASplash liquid lipsticks, but the scent vanished after a few seconds and once dry. There’s no taste to them. Also, the wear is pretty good, but they do start to wear down (somewhat gracefully) once you start to eat and drink.

What do you think of these three shades? Have you picked up any of the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Glosses? If so, what do YOU think of them?

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Facebook: L.A. Girl

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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