Zoya Summer 2015: Island Fun and Paradise Sun Collection Swatches and Review



Summer. A word that dreams up cocktails/mocktails, picnics, sweet sun and breeze, swimming pools, and much, much more. Another thing it dreams up is fabulous bright colors! Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun are JUST that.

Zoya Island Fun is a 6-piece creme collection:
– Zoya Jace (ZP796)
– Zoya Cecilia (ZP797)
– Zoya Talia (ZP798)
– Zoya Serenity (ZP799)
– Zoya Nana (ZP800)
– Zoya Demetria (ZP801)

Zoya Paradise Sun is a 6-piece metallic collection:
– Zoya Genesis (ZP790)
– Zoya Selene (ZP791)
– Zoya Oceane (ZP792)
– Zoya Isa (ZP793)
– Zoya Mae (ZP794)
– Zoya Aphrodite (ZP795)

Let’s start with Island Fun, the cremes:


Zoya Jace, a seaweed green, is absolutely flattering and quite stunning! Two coats shown here:


Zoya Cecilia, a green-toned blue, just like a fresh, tropical beach is absolutely thirst-quenching! Two coats were also used for Cecilia:


Zoya Talia, a turquoise beauty, like a cloudless sky at the beach, is quite refreshing. Imagine the sea breeze enveloping you when you’ve had enough sun. This was a little thick, but if you tread carefully, you will only need 1 coat, like you see below:


Zoya Serenity gives you peace as it is “Reminiscent of beautiful blooming irises, a harbinger of summer”. Also, how beautiful would this color be as a bathing suit. This only required two coats.


Zoya Nana, a gorgeous bright fuchsia, totally screams Summer. All you need now in your hands (after applying this to your nails is a margarita! Two coats required here!


Zoya Demetria, a poppy red, is such a gorgeous Summer shade – hot and fiery! This and a black two-piece swimsuit are MUSTS this Summer! Two coats for this beauty.


Moving on to the metallic 6-piece, Paradise Sun!


Zoya Genesis, a hot white with shimmer, is definitely a great refreshing shade for the Summer! This one is thick, so coat lightly and let dry in between coats. Three coats will give you the perfect opacity.


Zoya Selene, designed to look like the “deeper layers of ocean water”, will have you dreaming of a cool dip in the pool on those hot, Summer nights! Two coats for perfection!


Zoya Oceane, designed to reflect “the clearest blue ocean waters” will take you for a quick (mental) mini-vacation to your chosen paradise! Two coats shown below.

ZoyaOceaneZoya Isa, “exotic island flowers” purple with blue shimmer will have you almost smelling those sweet-smelling flora. Two coats again.


Zoya Mae. Need a mental mini-vacay to the Mediterranean? “Reminiscent of vibrant Mediterranean flowers”, this gorgeous warm magenta pink metallic will have you imagining yourself in a midsummer night’s dream! Two coats shown.


Zoya Aphrodite. Feast your eyes on this HOT juicy poppy red metallic that will have you craving papaya, pineapples, guavas, mangos, and all other tropical fruits. Two coats.


Recapping the beautiful, Zoya Summer 2015 Collection:

Island Fun:


And, finally the Paradise Sun:


What do you think of these juicy shades? What makes your list??

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