Glisten & Glow Ctrl + Alt + Del Latex Barrier and Sangria White Peach Cuticle Oil Review




I’m not really the nail art fanatic. I usually just admire from afar, but in the case that I want to try some (in my case, messy) nail art, there’s such thing as latex barrier that you can apply, do your nail art, and then rub off the latex barrier to display the nail art without it all over your cuticles. You can also use it to “exfoliate” around your cuticles.

Glisten & Glow has created Ctrl + Alt + Del for just this purpose, and she is also selling it as a duo with Sangria White Peach cuticle oil, so you can keep your cuticles AND your nails look glam and chic (and smelling GOOD).


How exactly does the latex barrier look and work? Let me show you, and also may I warn you that if you have any latex or any rubber allergies, this is NOT for you! Glisten & Glow also added the Sangria White Peach fragrance to make it bearable. I’m not fond of the scent of rubber (even though, it is mixed with the fragrance), so as long as you keep it away from your nose and don’t sniff at it, you won’t really smell it and shouldn’t bother you.


Step 1: Paint it around your nails and allow it to dry:


Step 2: It dries quickly, so once dry and you’ve done what you want with your nails, you just have to rub at it and peel away:


Step 3: Admire the skin around your nails. Fresh and clean! I didn’t do nail art, but if you did, you’d notice that you can easily remove and not have to scrub or use nail polish remover to get it off your skin. It also leaves your skin moisturized and exfoliated.


And, the cuticle oil is absolutely divine! It smells JUST like a White Peach Sangria! The cuticle oil absorbs quickly once rubbed in, but if you are like me and don’t like using your fingers, your skin will drink this cocktail immediately and stay moisturized.



Even if you’re not into nail art, you can use it to keep your outer nail clean even when you’re just painting a single color. Sometimes I “color outside the lines” and this is an easy way to just paint color of choice and then rub (the latex barrier off) to have a clean, crisp manicure EACH and EVERY time. That’s what I plan to do!

What do you think of using a latex barrier for nail art? Have you ever tried it out? What did you think?

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Purchased by me. Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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