Starlooks Infatuated Ultra Matte Lip Paint Swatches and Review



Summer has officially arrived in Taneja’s Bride’s land. We are bringing out the brights and neons and all that has to do with Summer fun! I received this in one of my recent Starlooks boxes, and I was thrilled beyond bits and knowing how I am with liquid lipsticks, that’s not a surprise. Also, I was shocked to see this color and kind of disappointed, but I told myself I needed to break out of my comfort zone – I always wear pinks, nudes and purples… and THIS needed to be worn AND then worn outside (which I did!).





This color can best be described as a mousse-texture warm coral. I really was intimidated by this color, but decided to pair it with a coral-toned smoky eye and neutral blush and go with it, and I liked it! Let’s take a look!




So, how did it do? In terms of wear, it IS in fact a liquid lipstick that becomes matte. I have had lunch, watermelon, and a snack, and so far, so good. Starlooks Infatuated has a sweet citrusy scent but no taste and the scent wears off quickly. The scent did not bother my sensitive nose. Kiss proof? Not totally. Obviously, the little enjoys the kiss test, so I tried it on him, and it left a faint outline of my lips on his cheeks. It does seem to get sticky in spots after food and drinks, so I didn’t quite understand why it was considered ultra matte because it did not live up to that, BUT it is quite pretty, and I would try their other colors.


And, since you might be wondering… does this even compare to Sephora Mandarin Muse? Nope. Have a looksee.


What do you think of this hot coral?! Is it something you would add to your arsenal of liquid lipsticks or is it an easy pass?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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