ColourPop Cosmetics Corset Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils, Bae & So Quiche Super Shock Shadows, and Rain Super Shock Cheek Haul Swatches and Review



ColourPop has been cranking out the goods, and let me tell you, I am trying to grab everything as it comes. Why!? Hellooooo, they are $5 – 8 a ColourPop and… you will see totally WHY when we get to all the swatches!

I grabbed a variety of items this time, and I’ve already placed another order since, and I’m on the verge of yet another. #Addiction? I think so.

At the time of this post, they have since released bronzers and highlighters.

This haul was kind of short and sweet, so let’s dive straight into the pool of goodness.


Starting off with the Super Shock Cheek in Rain. This is a mid-tone lavender, and I have to say, I have been waiting for a blush like this! This is simply gorgeous for Spring, and can also be used as an eyeshadow (can’t wait to try that!).




The Super Shock Cheeks are bigger than the Super Shock Shadows, and to compare, see below:



If you have tried the Super Shock Shadows, you know they have a powder gel-type formula. They are creamy yet powdery at the same time. It’s quite innovative and really soft and pigmented! The blush requires either fingers or a stipple brush to apply, and I chose my fingers because it was easier and quite blendable. I have since ordered 4 more to try, so I’m really looking forward to them because they have great last and don’t fade away. You will see this on my face in all the upcoming pictures.

On to the Super Shock Shadows. In this order, I have Bae and So Quiche, two colors that work BEAUTIFULLY together!



Starting off with So Quiche, this is a MUST-HAVE for metallic lovers! So Quiche is almost a delicate, antique gold with pink shimmer.



Then, there’s Bae (the name reminds me of Baelfire from Once Upon a Time, and this color is electric and fiery!), a purple-based shadow FILLED with teal and pink glitters.


So amazing!! I put them to use on my eyes in all upcoming pictures, so you can really admire the glitz and glam of these.


Then, of course, I had to pick up some of the Lippie Pencils and Stix, so I grabbed a few I’ve been eyeing (and ended up skipping some, which ended up being the start of a new order!)



Starting off with the Lippie Pencils, I grabbed Brills, Tootsi, Fancy, and Fern.


L-R: Fern, Fancy, Brills, and Tootsi

Let’s start off with Tootsi, a greige:



Then we have Fancy, a pastel, sorbet orange coral.



Corset, the only Lippie Stix in this post is a Hyper Glossy, described as “a true pink lavendar lilac”.



Then, Brills, a cool lavender is definitely unicorn worthy!



Next, we have Corset Lippie Stix over Brills Lippie Pencil because that seemed like a great idea, and guess what?! It is.



Fern, a cool-toned violet, or a mid-tone lavender, in my eyes, is just WOW.



And, then Corset Lippie Stix over Fern Lippie Pencil, another match made in Makeup Heaven!!



And, then swatches of the Lippie Stix and Pencils:


L-R: Corset Lippie Stix, Brills Lippie Pencil, Fern Lippie Pencil, Tootsi Lippie Pencil, and Fancy Lippie Pencil

For some reason, overall, my lips get dry using the Lippie Pencils. I moisturize and exfoliate ALL the time, and still they dry my lips, and I know that a lot of people commented about that in my LAST COLOURPOP POST. So, for the record, this is how it feels on MY lips. I still will buy the Lippie Pencils because I love lipliners, and I think they feel JUST fine under lipsticks, and a layer of ChapStick can help it out, as well. The Hyper Glossy Lippie Stix was absolutely amazing and comfortable! It also smelled delicious. I was able to eat and it was still on my lips! These are very long-lasting, and that alone makes the $5 SUCH a good deal. The Super Shock Shadows and Cheeks are also quite swoonworthy! The last on them in phenomenal and they are in SO many different colors and finishes that it’s hard not to want them all and place a million orders.

What do you think about this haul of mine? Do you own any of these? What do YOU think about them?

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