Go NEON with Matte Liquid Lipsticks from Born Pretty Store – MeNow Generation II 37 & 38 and Mili Zero Burden 06 & 09 Swatches and Review



With the heat in the air, there’s no surprise that bright colors are totally what you’re feeling right now! If you’re into neons, maybe you’re into neon lipsticks, perhaps? If that sounds amazing to you, you’ll want to check out these offerings from Born Pretty Store!

First, there’s MeNow Generation II #37 and #38 and then there’s Zero Burden 06 and 09! Let’s take a look starting off with the two MeNow Generation IIs.


Top – Bottom: #38, #37


#37 is a hot neon orange. This one looks almost as if it’s on FIRE!



And, then there’s #38, a bright neon pink!



Quickly, let’s discuss these, and then move on to the Zero Burden ones. These are definitely buildable. As with nail polish, you have to wait in between each “coat” to add another. I found these a bit patchy, as you can see when you look at the lips close up. They dry to a satin finish, and they last decently, but they do not fade evenly or at all gracefully (and as with liquid matte lipsticks, oil definitely brings them down). They seemed to “crumble” when you removed them. But, I’m sure if you don’t mind reapplication, then these are some bright, unique colors to wear to the pool (or wherever you want!).

Next, we have the Mili Zero Burden Moisturizing Lipglosses in 06 and 08.


Top – Bottom: #06, #09


#06 is a precious almost-neon lavender!



#09 is a shocking pastel peach with a neon tone to it!



Again, I found these to be patchy, and they, like nail polish, needed 2 coats to get more opaque. I think you can leave it at 1 coat if you are uncomfortable with the brightness and vice versa. These colors are really unique, again, and I definitely want to try more because they are unusual and interesting! One last thing I must add, these did not stain, surprisingly. You would think these kind of shades would, but they barely left a mark! Bonus points, no?

These can be found on the Born Pretty Store, which provides FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE! They have LOTS of fun stuff available, so definitely check it out.


Zero Burden #09, #06; Menow Generation II #37, #38

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