Doll 10 Beauty blendSMART Rotating Makeup Brush System Starter Kit Review + Video Demo



Let’s face it, shall we? No pun intended, but “You can’t build a building on a weak foundation”. Same definitely goes for our makeup. Doll 10 Beauty features blendSMART Rotating Makeup Brush System, which makes sure you always put your best face forward.



Inside you will find the brush, the handle, and a Lithium battery.




To put it together is quite simple:


And, then you’re ready to buff and make your skin look airbrushed!





And, for your viewing pleasure, my demo of using the brush, 

I really LOVE this brush! This is wonderful because the brush does all the buffing and airbrushing you will EVER need and all you need to do is go over your liquid OR powder foundation, blush, and/or highlight using the brush. I even used it for my blush and it did such a neat job that it looked completely natural. Same goes for highlighting and bronzing (which I have not yet tried). There is only one speed for the brush, and it goes a complete 360* and you only need to keep the brush moving, no circular movements as the brush is already doing this for you. The brush can be removed from the top to wash and you can place it on its side to dry or if you have a drying rack, just place it there.

The product will be offered exclusively through the multimedia retailer until October 20, 2015.

One of the first automatic makeup brushes that offers a flawlessly, even makeup application, Doll 10 blendSMART rotates 360 degrees to deliver 190 revolutions per minute for complete, even and natural-looking coverage in a snap. With its patent pending design, this revolutionary makeup brush is an easy-to-use tool perfect for beginners and professional artists alike.

The Doll 10 blendSMART is designed with an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and control, and offers interchangeable brush heads made of high quality soft hair for guaranteed performance and longevity.   Offering better results than traditional brushes, Doll 10 blendSMART is the only tool a makeup doll needs!

Available: QVC, the QVC apps and, while supplies last.

Get to know Doll 10 Beauty

Get Dolled up with the frontrunner in timeless beauty. Dr. Doris Dalton, the leader in cosmetics and scientific infusion, founded Doll 10 Beauty after years of immersing herself in the cosmetic industry.  Inspired by her personal experience and belief that every woman should feel confident and comfortable in her own skin, Dr. Dalton created a chic cosmetic line with a focus on hi-tech, anti-aging essentials to empower women to look and feel their best while wearing makeup they love. Made with innovative skin-loving ingredients, Doll 10 Beauty offers a full range of products in complexion, cheeks, eyes, lips, brushes and tools to enhance every woman’s natural beauty while helping to erase the past, perfect the present and protect the future.

What do you think? Will you be adding this to your makeup arsenal? I totally see myself getting more of these!

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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