What Does Black/Brunette Hair Say About Me?!



My entire family has black/brunette hair since we are mostly Indian-origin. When I was younger, I knew I was different, but it was hard to understand as there were not many Indians in my school. I also heard quite frequently that blondes have more fun, and I used to look around and sure enough, the popular girls were usually those with blonde beautiful locks. But, I never let this get to me! I knew I was having fun as a black/brunette haired girl.

So, I’m here to break that stereotype!



As a child, I also remember having stick straight hair and always looking at my mother’s gorgeous curls and secretly wishing for them. Little did I know, my hair was going to spring into curls as a teenager. The discovery was funny – I went to school with wet curls and one of my favorite teachers gasped with glee at my hair! I pardoned myself to the bathroom and gasped myself. My hair was in pretty little curls. I had always taken a blowdryer and brush to my hair every morning and straightened it without realizing.



Anyway, my personality is definitely something that came out of my experience throughout my childhood and still keeps growing with every day! But, I feel that my black/brunette hair has given me some confidence in myself and let myself know that I am more than just my beautiful hair! See below:




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