Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks, Pure Vitamin E Lipstick and Lip Exfoliator Photos, Swatches, and Review


As we all know about my long-lasting obsession with liquid lipsticks, I was honored when Ofra Cosmetics sent me six of their beautiful Long Last Liquid Lipsticks along with the Pure Vitamin E Lipstick and a Lip Exfoliator. Let’s dive right into them!




When using a liquid lipstick, it’s best to have moisturized lips otherwise the dryness can definitely show and grow. The Pure Vitamin E Lipstick is a moisturizer containing natural sunscreen. This is probably the best moisturizer I have used for my lips in awhile. It really softens your lips and keeps them that way.

The Lip Exfoliator is best used before the Pure Vitamin E Lipstick. The directions to use are stated as such: “Light peel used as a soft exfoliation to treat dry, cracked lips. Apply to lips and leave on for a few minutes. Rub off gently with clean dry fingers.” And, then follow up with the Pure Vitamin E Lipstick. It really does work really well, as you shall see in the lip swatches.



L-R: Pure Vitamin E Lipstick, Lip Exfoliator

Now, let’s check out the lovely liquid lipsticks!















Santa Monica:




New Orleans:




Now, let’s discuss these liquid lipsticks! The formula of the liquid lipsticks is mousse-like. They apply extremely smoothly to the lips clinging on to any imperfections, so it is best to apply on exfoliated lips. The colors are extraordinary and I was quite taken and impressed by them! They take a little bit of time to set but are kiss proof and last hours until you eat something oily, so if you can control that, do and you will be blown away by the last of these. I can’t wait to try more of these liquid lipsticks.

Recap of the Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks:


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  1. Nice and what a coincidence I went to a Ofra meet and greet today. We got a nice little goodie bag with these lippies :)))

  2. I love Ofra Cosmetics, and these seem really awesome. New Orleans is a great purple!

  3. The shades are just fabulous, and they look great on you, as always! My favorite is Honolulu!

  4. Ofra’s liquid lipsticks are awesome

  5. I love Ofra! Mocha looks incredible on!

  6. I really like Americano!

  7. Love everything esp Honolulu. I’m biased coz I live in Hawaii 🙂

  8. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews and I can totally see why. Gorgeous shades on you!

  9. You pull them all off flawlessly but I really love Mocha on you!!! I love how this brand has a lip exfoliator , I wear a lot of liquid and matte lippies and am always trying to keep my lips moisturized!

  10. Those liquid lipsticks are gorgeous. I love that they have such fun shades.

  11. New Orleans is just gorgeous, and it looks absolutely spectacular on you!

  12. These are very pretty!

  13. The shades are really pretty

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