MAC Splurge Mineralize Rich Lipstick Photos, Swatches, and Review



Hope you all are having a love-filled day!

MAC Splurge Mineralize Rich Lipstick is a beautiful berry, fuchsia that will be totally romantic for your date night tonight, if you still have not decided what lipstick to wear. Let’s check it out.



The shape is different since it’s a Mineralize Rich Lipstick, and these are also more like a hybrid of lipstick and lipglass.



It’s surprisingly quite pigmented and extremely comfortable to wear. (I will edit a swatch in a few!) You can wear with a lipliner to extend the wear, but as glosses and cream lipsticks usually are, this one doesn’t last as long as a matte lipstick. But, it’s quite beautiful!






What do you think of this shade? Will you be adding it to your collection, and if you already have it, what do you think of this beautiful shade?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love the color. It definitely suits you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think that this is one seriously gorgeous lipstick! It is so stunning on you, Shipra!

  3. You are rockin’ those berries! Gorgeous shade and gorgeous on you!

  4. I’m convinced you have the best collection of berry mauve lippies in the world!

  5. My favorite color. Just beautiful on you!

  6. Perfect color on your lips!

  7. You look sultry in that shade. I like it a lot

  8. That berry fuchsia looks stunning on you!

  9. You pick the best lip shades! I haven’t tried any shades from this range but I’d definitely pick this on up.

  10. Ooh, love this shade. I’d totally buy it. It reminds me a bit of Mehr, which I already have. Do you think they are similar?

  11. This is a beautiful color!

  12. That is a really pretty color on you. Wonder how it would look on me. pretty nonetheless.

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