LASplash Cosmetics Ghoulish & Untamed Lip Couture Liquid Lipsticks Swatches, Comparisons, and Review


Since we’ve been talking about obsessing over liquid lipsticks, I have to show you more from my collection. Here are Ghoulish, stone cold nude, and Untamed, reddish brown.


Starting off with Ghoulish, I decided to get this unusual color because I’m starting to realize that you should try outside the box more often than not because you can really surprise yourself. This shade is a beige with grey tones, and honestly, I was a little apprehensive about this shade, but once I put it on, I kind of liked it. Kind of, sort of.




And, of course, I know you’re dying to know how it compares to Lime Crime Cashmere.


L-R: Lime Crime Cashmere, LASplash Ghoulish


L-R: Lime Crime Cashmere, LASplash Ghoulish, MAC Styled in Sepia


L-R: Lime Crime Cashmere, LASplash Ghoulish, MAC Styled in Sepia

As you can see, there are definitely differences between the two. Ghoulish is definitely darker and grayer than Cashmere.

I also thought it was quite similar to MAC Styled in Sepia, with the exception of form as MAC is obviously a lipstick and Ghoulish is a matte liquid lipstick. So let’s take a look:


L-R: LASplash Ghoulish, MAC Styled in Sepia


L-R: LASplash Ghoulish, MAC Styled in Sepia

Next, we have Untamed, a beautiful reddish brown. Definitely a deep, dark shade.



As soon as I saw this, I had to try it next to Lime Crime Salem to see if they were anywhere near each other.


L-R: LASplash Untamed, Lime Crime Salem

As you can see, LASplash Untamed is a little uneven and darker than Lime Crime Salem.

Overall, these are definitely cheaper than Lime Crime and their competitors. You can grab TWO WITH SHIPPING for the price of one Lime Crime Velvetine. One thing I have to complain about is the way they smell. They almost smell like paint, and Lime Crime really impresses with their scent: vanilla cake-ish. So, if you’re new with liquid lipsticks and you want to try a few, LASplash would definitely be a good one to try first, as the price is lower. I have already purchased 2 more, so we’ll be seeing more of this brand on the blog.

What do you think of these two shades? Any up your alley?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I haven’t tried any liquid lipsticks yet but when/if I do, this is good info to have!

  2. Definitely like the second shade better on you! The first kind of sort of washes you out too much, in my opinion.

  3. Untamed looks fabulous on you!

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  5. Untamed is stunning and you look gorgeous with both shades on (as always) – I wish I was a bit more adventurous with lip shades, I’ve only just discovered my perfect red

  6. You look gorgeous in Untamed! Definitely the winner in my book. And Lime Crime Salem (Salem is the witch trial city near where I live!) is beautiful too. I can’t do those super-nude shades

  7. Untamed looks insanely gorgeous on you! That would be totally my type of shade as well.

  8. Untamed has to be my favorite. You look vampy mama!

  9. I so need to add a taupe-y lip shade to my collection. Love the look of Ghoulish!

  10. Honestly, I don’t think I can do it. I just like reds more!

  11. Untamed is stunning, and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

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  13. I got Ghoulish and I am just not a fan of the super staying-can’t-remove-without-oil-based-remover lippies because let’s say like today, my lips began to feather after a few hours and eating and drinking at work and you can’t just reapply over this, you have to remove and start over so I went to sephora and used some remover and just put on some of their Nars and called it a day. Gorgeous color…icky smell and a b it too much staying power. I’ll stick to Kat Von D liquid lip that doesn’t come off either but doesn’t accentuate every line in my lip nor does it feather. I am glad I got this color tho.

    • I totally understand. I love the Sephora lipstick remover, which will be discontinued but it really works! Have you tried a lipliner underneath? I suggest ColourPop Tootsi Lippie Pencil. ☺ Thanks for visiting! 😙

      • I haven’t tried a color pencil underneath, I think I was just so upset with the product because it was so unexpected as far as texture but the color Is fab. I have a colourpop lippie and stick (I actually have it on today lol).

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  15. Wow, you have such a beautiful skin color tone that lipsticks of all colors look so good on you, even this “Ghoulish” ! ^^ loved all your reviews on LA splash cosmetics!

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