Ellison's Organics on Gloss48 Photos, Swatches, and Review


If you’re a makeup junkie like me, you have no trouble stating that you know EXACTLY where to get your goods from. I really enjoy online shopping sites for makeup only because I have a little boy and he really rolls his eyes and scoffs when I step into any sort of nail polish/makeup store. He is only 3, and he firmly states, “Another nail polish, Mama?!” Really, really! I don’t know where he gets it from. ๐Ÿ˜›

Gloss 48 is such an online retailer where you can get anything your makeup loving heart desires.

ย Gloss48 offers beauty junkies a daily dose of the best, must-have niche beauty products toย discover, shop, and share. Uncover every gem.

Oh, and they promise no judgment! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gloss48 sent over 2 beautiful Ellison’s Organics nail lacquers for me to share with you all. Ellison’s Organics will launch February 4th for a 7-day long sale.

Here’s “Bow Ties are Cool” and “The Viscount’s Vixen” for your viewing pleasure!





Starting off with Bow Ties are Cool (a reference to Doctor Who, which I don’t understand, sadly, because I have not yet tried out the show, even though I have been urged to many times from friends of mine!). Bow Ties are Cool is a gorgeous marsala-hued metallic with an ALMOST duochrome quality. I had to photograph it in different angles so you could see how STUNNING this really is! Three coats shown:









And, then there’s The Viscount’s Vixen, a gorgeous glitter bomb, which I decided to pair with Bow Ties are Cool. JUST one coat shown over Bow Ties are Cool.



The formula of Ellison’s Organics is buttery and easy to apply. Each coat went on smoothly and had an uber glossy look to it without having to add a top coat. Ellison’s Organics had never before been on my radar, and after trying it out, I will definitely be looking into trying more from this brand. Gloss48 has introduced me to many brands that I have definitely wanted to try while offering a great sale price. This makes Gloss48 so unique.

Website:ย gloss48.comย |ย Ellison’s Organics
Facebook:ย Gloss48ย |ย Ellison’s Organics

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love them! Especially the one with sparkles. So pretty!

  2. I love your nail polish reviews! And I love the colors you got to try out!

  3. Love that color! Gloss48 is a brand I did not know aboutt, but now I know how fab they are with your post. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love finding beautiful organic products. That top color is my favorite!

  5. I like the glitter bomb!

  6. Super pretty! I love the color.

  7. Super pretty! I love the color!

  8. An organic polish?! This sounds amazing- thank you for sharing!!

  9. Using organic products is super important to me so I love the idea of organic nail polish!

  10. i do most of my shopping online because i hardly have time to go to the mall and shop. i should try gloss48

  11. Bow Ties are Cool is such a unique shade- love it!

  12. Love the color with the glitter on top… I think browns with gold shifts are so stunning.

  13. How pretty! I love Gloss48 and I think I have a credit there so I may have to check these out!

  14. Those colors are so pretty! I really like the glitter. I rarely use glitter polish though because it’s such a pain to remove!

  15. They are beautiful colours and they look great together

  16. So pretty, I love the depth and the glitter is so cute, I see it being perfect for fall

  17. I love the Valentine’s Day glitter bomb color!

  18. Pretty polishes! Definitely perfect fall colours!

  19. Bow Ties are Cool is beautiful! I love it on you!

  20. Bow Ties are Cool looks like a perfect simmering, glowy shade!

  21. I’m not a make-up junkie, but that glitter nail polish is super fun! What a great post.

  22. These aren’t really my kind of colors but I love them on you!

  23. Wait. You’ve never watched Doctor Who?!! Seriously!!! Okay, I won’t judge ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the show and love Bowties are Cool simply because I actually own socks that say just that!! Bowties is definitely my favorite of the two, not just because of the name either. Gorgeous swatches!!!

  24. I love that bronzy colour. It’s so pretty! Looks fab on you and no one can ever have enough nail polish!

    Katie <3

  25. love that bronzy colour so beautiful

  26. I love these earthy tones! And I laughed out loud when I read how your 3-year-old feels about makeup stores… My nephew told me that they should rename them the “most boring ever” stores. Haha… Oh well. My nieces will thank me one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. That’s like having a party on your nails! Love the sparkles.

  28. haha does he not get it from his dad?? most guys just dread shopping though right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I wish I was better about painting my nails. These are pretty colors.

  30. Oh wow I need to try these out!

  31. I am so jealous! I am awful at painting my nails.. You did a great job!

  32. Great colors! Your nails have an awesome shape to them as well so they always look good on you.

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