Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter in Rainforest at Dusk + Body Polish in Rainforest at Dawn Photos and Review


This winter, make sure you protect your lips and skin from getting dry with Teadora. I was so excited to have the opportunity to try these products, and I’m definitely going to be buying another pot of this lip butter because I have been using it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Let us discuss the Nourishing Lip Butter first. This smells like chocolate and berries and just divine!!

Packed with antioxidant and vitamin-rich Buriti, Brazil Nut, Andoriba, Maracujá (Passion Fruit), Açaí oils, Cupuaçu, Murumuru, Mango butters plus Carnaúba Wax, our Rainforest at Dusk Lip Butter comes in a delicious berry-chocolate flavor we call Açaí-Açu and provides light-exfoliation and intense hydration for your lips.



I have been using this lip butter every night before going to bed, and let me tell you this has a slight gritty feel (for light exfoliation) and needs to be scooped out, warmed up, and needs a lip applicator to apply. I absolutely love the way it smells and feels on my lips. My husband really loved the scent too, and the first night that I applied it, he was, like, “Are you eating chocolate?!” and I was, like, “Nope, just applying this lip butter!” He sniffed it and was ecstatic that it smelled a bit like chocolate and coffee. I love how light it felt on my lips, not at all waxy and heavy. I was able to breathe easily throughout the night and it didn’t make me cough (which some lip balms and lip butters can cause me to do, especially in my sleep). Another thing I love about it is the fact that I have used it for a few weeks, and still have A LOT left. I am definitely going to replenish this when it’s done. For $15.00 for a .5 oz seems like a lot, but believe me, there’s A LOT of use in this jar.





Let’s move on to the Body Polish in Rainforest at Dawn. This is to use in the shower or bath to exfoliate. The scent of this was too strong for my liking. It was extremely herbal. The body polish does indeed work and was thick enough to lather without it getting too watery and washing away first. It did help exfoliate my skin and make it softer over time, but I just couldn’t get used to the scent. If you’re into herbal scents, you’ll absolutely love this.

Packed with Antioxidant and vitamin-rich Buriti, Babassu, Brazil Nut, Rose Hip Seed, and Maracujá oils, plus potent exfoliants such as Açaí Seeds and Amazonian Clay our ultra-smooth Nourishing Body Polish removes dead skin while providing amazing hydration for brighter, healthier, smoother skin.


Overall, I felt that the lip butter and I were more of a match made in Heaven than the body polish. I would definitely purchase the lip butter again because it did exfoliate my lips and kept them soft and moist even in the harsh Winter days. And, the scent? DIVINE. Chocolate berries. Yes, please! The body polish did, in fact, work for me, except I would have to use my favorite scent of soap to bury the scent. I’m not always one with nature in terms of herbal scents, so that was my only complaint. But, I would definitely try more from this brand because I did find my Holy Grail lip butter/balm.

Website: teadorabeauty.com
Facebook: Teadora Beauty

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  1. Both of these sound great – I’ve never tried a lip butter before. I bet that would be great conditioning! 😀

  2. I think I need this lip butter in my life! My lips get so chapped during the winter. I need something that does a little more than regular chapstick.

  3. Those sound amazing! especially the lip butter, here in Southern Cali it’s so dry.

  4. Both sound like great products, but I’m with you in the fact that the scent can make or break a product for me. I need to find a good lip product like this since my lips get SO chapped this time of year!

  5. Sounds like a great lip butter. My lips get very dry in the winter so I am constantly putting on lip balm.

  6. this lip butter sounds amazing! and i LOVE cocoa scent too! =)

  7. my lips get ultra dry during the winter season, need to give this brand a try

  8. I think this product would be great to put on at night before going to sleep. The lip butter wouldn’t stay on too long during the day – the first cup of coffee and it would be gone!

  9. as i was reading this i was thinking i def need to exfoliate my lips right now.. haha it’s so dry right now.

  10. Would love to try these they sound amazing!

  11. Never heard of Teadora before but sounds like great products, I am so ready to try them out

  12. Thanks for the introduction to Teadora, I haven’t heard of them before. The lip butter sounds good – I am always obsessed with lip moisturizers/protectors in the winter. And slightly off-subject, but the falling snow on your page is TOO cute!!!


  13. I think I’d quite like both of these products. I want to start looking after myself a bit more in the new year, so will definitely be trying some more exfoliants and lip balms!

    Katie <3

  14. The lip butter sounds great! How interesting that it it has a scrub built in too!

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  16. Definitely checking out that lip butter! Interesting that it has a scrub in it. I assume it’s safe to eat since you leave it on all night? (I know some scrubs you have to wash off)

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