Thanksgiving Crafts / Gifts For Kids & Their Teachers


So, this is completely different than what I usually post, but since I was putting these together for my son’s preschool class and his teachers, I had to share the cuteness that are these turkeys!!



Supplies you will need:
– Creatology Foam Activity Kit: Turkeys (Note: I found these at Michaels)
– Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
– Bar of Hershey’s Chocolate or Candy Bars of Choice
– Candy Corn (What better way to recycle Halloween candy?!)
Glass bottle (Found these beautiful colored glass bottles at Michaels; Could also be found at Dollar Store)






Basically, these are pretty self-explanatory. I took the turkey bodies and put them on the front with their self-adhesives and stuck them to the candy bars. Then, I carefully placed candy corn fanned out with hot glue. Be careful when placing them as not to touch the hot glue. As you can see, the tail feathers can be replaced and changed, so I did that so that they look unique. I also added candy corn using hot glue again in between the feathers, as you will see on the finished project.



These are for the students in my son’s class, and I wanted to make little decoration pieces for the teachers, so I got glass bottles for them. I will be putting them in a brown paper gift bag with ribbon and hand-decorated by my little.



These were easy, you just hot glue everything onto the glass bottle, and you’re done!


How cute are they?! You can even make them for yourself to decorate your house!

I love Creatology Foam Activity Kits because they are easy to use, pretty self-explanatory and adorable! And, who doesn’t love a homemade gift?!

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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