Red Apple Lipstick Christmas Collection 2014 Photos, Swatches, and Review


Have you registered for the Red Apple Lipstick Christmas Collection 2014 Sale?! The private VIP sale is from November 17th – 24th. This sale will not be available to the public. Register NOW to get the best deals this Christmas season.

Are you ready to see what’s in this delightful (gluten free) collection?!



5 Eyeshadows: Golden Ticket, Oh Schnapp!, Poise N’ Ivy, Taken for Granite (named by yours truly!!), En Pointe
6 Lipsticks: Ooh La La, Gypsy Soul, Back to the Fuchsia, Hollypeno, Manhattan, Wine & Dandy
2 Mint 2 Be Lip Glosses: Magic Momint, Brazen Raisin

Let’s start off with the eyeshadows! You can also purchase a Z Palette to store the eyeshadows, as well.

These 5 new shadow shades are a culmination of the top requests we’ve had throughout 2014 for new shades. Rose golds, deeper pinks, fabulous greens, and a perfect putty! You certainly won’t want to miss out on these!

  • En Pointe (E49 – Matte)

  • Oh Schnapp! (E48 – Shimmer)

  • Poise ‘N Ivy (E47 – Shimmer)

  • Taken For Granite (E45 – Matte)

  • Golden Ticket (E46 – Shimmer)




 Top row: Poise N’ Ivy, Golden Ticket, Taken for Granite
Bottom row: En Pointe, Oh, Schnapp!

Poise N’ Ivy, a gorgeous emerald with gold shimmer:



Golden Ticket, a soft gold:



Taken for Granite (named by me) is a slate grey:





En Pointe is a pale ballet slipper pink:

Oh Schnapp! is a rose gold shimmer:





I used Taken for Granite, the one I named, all over the lid. Had to. 😉 And, then from mid-eyelid out, I used Golden Ticket, and then at the ends of the eyelid and all through the crease, I used Poise N’ Ivy. Mascara is Red Apple Lipstick The Lash Project, which I’ve been using religiously (I’m almost out!), and I can definitely feel the difference. My lashes look fuller and healthier, and I’m also losing less of them. Also, as blush, I used the eyeshadows Oh, Schnapp! and En Pointe as a highlighter. All photos show this.




(Lipgloss is Red Apple Lipstick Brazen Raisin, which you will see more closely later on)

And, a closer look at the eyes:



Moving on to the lipsticks!

These new satin lipsticks are just as creamy as every Red Apple Lipstick, but these gluten free beauties offer a subtle, flatter sheen. They wear into a nice matte finish without any of the typical matte harsh smells or textures. Packed full of Gluten Free Vitamin E, these new lipsticks are set to be a hit this winter.

  • Wine & Dandy (S6)

  • Gypsy Soul (S4)

  • Back To The Fuchsia (S5)

  • Hollypeño (S1)

  • Manhattan (S2)

  • Ooh La La (S3)




L-R: Hollypeno, Wine & Dandy, Ooh La La, Back to the Fuchsia, Gypsy Soul, and Manhattan

Starting off with Hollypeno, this is like a neon red. So stunning for Holiday parties and just as a showstopper red.




Wine & Dandy is a gorgeous deep burgundy:



And, then a quick comparison:


Ooh La La is a beautiful pink-based neutral.



Back to the Fuchsia is my favorite from this collection! It’s a deep fuchsia with a gorgeous shimmer.




Gypsy Soul is a purple-toned brown. So, so dreamy!





And, then there’s Manhattan, a beautiful, deep red that will definitely stop traffic.





And, for those who are wondering, it is deeper than the Zoya Red Matte Velvet Lipstick and definitely browner, more burgundy than MAC Frank-N-Furter, which has more orange undertones.





L-R: Ooh La La, Gypsy Soul, Back to the Fuchsia, Hollypeno, Manhattan


L-R: Back to the Fuchsia, Hollypeno, Manhattan, Wine & Dandy

On to the Mint 2 Be Lip glosses. You already got a sneak peek look at Brazen Raisin above.

These two new lip glosses represent shades we’ve never made. These might be the most two perfect Mint 2 Be shades we’ve made yet. These glitter-less, shiny glosses were made to look beautiful on their own, and also pair perfectly over our new satin lipsticks!

  • Magic Momint (MB9)

  • Brazen Raisin (MB10)


 L-R: Brazen Raisin, Magic Momint


It was my first time to try these, and let me say, I love these!! I don’t know why I don’t have more of these. The minty scent reminds me of spearmint gum. It’s quite refreshing, but I’m not a gum chewer, so I prefer the scent rather than the taste, which this has none of. Being gluten free, this is smooth and feels moisturizing on the lips. The colors are amazing, and I am so glad that these are part of my collection. If you like bronze/browns/neutrals, you will definitely need to add these to your collection. The lip gloss applicator is perfect, as well, because of the thin slanted tip. It lets you apply it flawlessly without getting it everywhere.

Magic Momint is a beautiful neutral with green shimmer. Don’t let this scare you! You can barely tell on the lips!





And, Brazen Raisin, a deeper brown/bronze with shimmer is just phenomenal. I actually couldn’t take this one off. And, ended up wearing it throughout the day. It was amazing. Of course, touch ups will be needed as it does not stay on through food and drinks. May I also suggest applying over Gypsy Soul for a little more ba-bam! It’s shown by itself below, however:






 L-R: Magic Momint, Brazen Raisin

Overall, this collection is by far one of my favorite Holiday collections! It’s so beautiful and wearable for all-year-round, which to me, is important! I am really into browns and bronzes right now, so this was definitely quite pleasing for me.

What do you think? Register now, as the private VIP sale starts November 17th – 24th. This sale will not be available to the public.


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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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