Milani Fall 2014 Limited Edition (Partial) Bedazzled Collection for Eyes, Lips & Nails Photos, Swatches, and Review


I’m sorry I’m a little late on this post. I’ve been waiting for some of the pieces to appear in store to give you a lot more to look at from this collection, even though I was sent a few items, too. I did see a few of these pieces (a couple of the Constellation Gel Eye Liners and polishes) left. One of the ladies working at one of the stores I went to told me that one of her co-workers actually bought out the lipsticks. Both of us, hands on hips, shook our head disappointed, but hey, I guess the struggle is real with makeup, isn’t it?!


The Milani Fall 2014 Limited Edition Bedazzled Collection for Eyes, Lips & Nails includes:

LIMITED EDITION Constellation Gel Eye Liners (includes a brush in each):
– Enchanted Black Opal
– Enchanted Lapis
– Enchanted Emerald

LIMITED EDITION Matte Lipsticks:
– Enchanted Amethyst
– Enchanted Topaz
– Enchanted Ruby

LIMITED EDITION Color Statement Nail Lacquers:
– Enchanted Emerald
– Enchanted Garnet (Shown in picture above)
– Enchanted Sapphire

So, as you can see, I am ONLY missing 2 of the nail polishes from this collection.

Let’s start off with the Constellation Gel Eye Liners. As you may remember, I used Black Opal (as eyeshadow) in my Halloween costume. In the pictures you will see below, I used Black Opal on my top eyelid.





Enchanted Black Opal:


Enchanted Lapis:



Enchanted Emerald:






 L-R: Black Opal, Emerald, Lapis

The lipsticks are matte, just the way I like them, and they were all gorgeous, and thankfully flattering for my skintone, so if you are a medium skintone and you are shying away from these 3 shades, don’t. They are quite gorgeous on medium skintone!

Enchanted Amethyst is a gorgeous lavender.





Next, we will take a look at Topaz, a soft warm nude.







Ruby was very hard-to-find, and I was really lucky to be gifted this shade on my birthday!! I really felt the love with this shade, too – it’s just glorious!!









Enchanted Topaz, Enchanted Amethyst




Enchanted Ruby


As you see above in all the pictures, I included Enchanted Garnet (on my nails) in all the pictures! It’s just so lit-from-within and gorgeous! I wore it for a long time before I decided to remove it. Just perfection!!



Overall, this collection was fantastic! The Constellation Gel Eye Liners are so super gorgeous to look at (thanks to the glitter overlay; yes, that glitter is not throughout, which is good news for me because glitter actually irritates my contact lenses). I also love the brushes that came with each gel liner. They applied the liner beautifully. I was, however, a little disappointed by the fact that they transferred and I could see it settling/smearing into my crease line. When I created a smoky eye look with it, it did also crease and shift on my eye through the night. I will be trying to set it with Milani Bella Eyes next time to see if it keeps it from transferring/smearing/shifting. The lipsticks were creamy and matte, and they were absolutely gorgeous! I can see these suiting all sorts of skintones, and I was really happy that it looked good on my medium skintone because I have a hard time finding a nude lipstick that will suit me. They were a little drying, but my lips had just gone through a cold when I swatched them. I have worn them since and they were a little drying, but nothing to complain too much about. I wish and hope they become permanent, but if not, there are a few more matte shades coming out in 2015 from Milani that I am quite looking forward to. The nail lacquer is stunning and I used 3 coats for it to look this deliciously rich. I love that in the sunlight, the true colors did shine through. I kind of wish I had grabbed the other 2 lacquers because I quite enjoy shades like this.

Did you get anything from this collection? This is a LIMITED EDITION collection, but I have seen them at my local Walgreens and CVS, so maybe check around to see if you can find them if you’re interested in these shades!!

Facebook: Milani Cosmetics

Press sample. Gift. Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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  3. All the shades of the lippies look great on you! I was happy to find Ruby. The enchanted garnet polish is one of my all-time favorite shades. I wear the constellation gels from time to time, and they stay put on me. I like ’em!

  4. Those Enchanted Gel Eyeliners are AMAZING! Milani tends to be pretty reliable and makes pigmented products. That Topaz lipstick is such a complementary shade on you! Great post!

  5. oh mary of nazareth I love that ruby lip colour so up my street, all these shades look amazing

  6. Those eye shadows are just gorgeous!!!!!

  7. Awesome, I love learning about new makeup!

  8. I love the opal eye shadow – I think that would go great with green eyes!

  9. Ah milani. I’ve always wanted to try their baked blushes (preferably in luminoso)

  10. they are all beautiful! love the Enchanted Amethyst !!

  11. Milani is really great with colors. You look great, btw.

  12. Ooooh! Pretty colors! Make up is my weakness…

  13. These look gorgeous on you!! I really wish that I was good at applying makeup!

  14. The gel liners are gorgeous. I’d love to try them!

  15. I really love that topaz soft warm nude color lipstick! I have been looking for something that shade and keep not being able to find one that I like. Also, those eye shadows look amazing!

  16. Ahh I wish I could find Milani here without ordering it! Do want! Gorgeous 😀

  17. Woah! Those shadow shades look crazy! So pretty!

  18. Love all the colours! Especially love the topaz lipstick!

  19. I’m loving the mix of colors in the eyeshadows. Amazing.

  20. I’ve never tried a gel eyeliner. Those are gorgeous!

  21. These look gorgeous! I’m going to have to hunt them down 😉

  22. I love the topaz lip colour. The nail polish is also gorgeous. That’s so funny that the lady bought the entire lip range! I think you got a pretty good selection though!

    Katie <3

  23. Those are most defintaly some statement colors. I don’t think I am bold enough, but you sure know how to pul them off. beautiful! (:

  24. Wow, these colors are beautiful! And that dark red? Didn’t swatch like I thought it would.

  25. That lavender lipstick is giving me LIFE! wow — gorgeous.

    Thrifting Diva

  26. I like the brown shades. I’ve always like a dark shade on my lips for the fall.

  27. Those eyeliners look so great, I’m going to have to try one!

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