Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup (Temporary Haircolor) in Red-dy to Rock Photos, Swatches, and Review


Hope everyone had a spook-tacular Halloween! I have something really FUN to share with all of you! Although this was not part of my original plan, I did use this product as part of my costume since I had it on hand. I was a checkered flag/finish line to my 3-year old son’s Lightning McQueen – KA-CHOW!

First, I’m going to show you pictures of my costume and quickly touch on what I used.

I adore this picture of my son because it truly shows off his adorable costume! I love that it cost me ONLY the hat (which I am in love with, and it’s not completely Halloween-ONLY) because my Mom gifted us the little outfit for his birthday! BEST costumes are the ones you can use stuff at home for, am I right?!


So, when we finalized my little’s costume, I decided to keep it simple, as well, and decided to be my “Rookie’s” checkered flag (buying only a couple yards of checkered fabric, a beanie, and cutting a hole for the neck. I wore a blazer over it and a pair of warm leggings because it was freezing out!), signifying the winning Piston Cup. (Have I mentioned we watch Cars & Cars 2 at least 1x a week?! No joke. I know that movie WAY too well, and I will sometimes {actually, quite often} bust into “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts).


Makeup used was:
– Face: Almay CC Cream & IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in Rich
– “Blush”: IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination in Rich (Review COMING SOON)
– Highlighter: butter London Cheeky Tinted Highlighter in Pence
– Eyebrows: SmartBrow in Brunette, Maybelline Great Lash LIMITED EDITION So Very Berry Mascara
– Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash LIMITED EDITION So Very Berry Mascara
– Eyeshadow: Milani Constellation Gel Liner in Black Opal
– Eyeliner: Urban Decay Zero
– Lipstick: Zoya Perfect Red Matte Velvet (Matte Finish) Lipstick
– Hair: Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup in Red-dy to Rock

I received 3 colors to try on my hair, but since I knew I was going to be a Checkered Flag and I had 3 colors to choose from, I decided to go with Red-dy to Rock first, as red worked well with my costume. (Shown is Purple Riot – Can’t wait to try that one out soon!)

Each color comes with a sponge applicator, as seen at bottom of package.


Before you start, you must remove the black tip and then press the sponge firmly to use. PLEASE make sure it is on firmly. The sponge is in two sections. The bottom under the line should be pressed all the way into the can. Firmly make sure it’s on 360* (see image below if you’re a visual person) otherwise while you’re applying the sponge *WILL* fly off and you *WILL* get the color EVERYWHERE. (Sure, it comes off with a wipe, but you don’t want to have to do all that, do you?!) Just sayin’. (Hey, my error = you avoiding it.)




Once done, you will twist until you see spots of color just like a twist lipgloss. Seen below is Red-dy to Rock, and you can see my can is splattered from when my sponge went flying! Quite a visual, folks. I’m SO glad you didn’t see my bathroom. It looked like a Halloween horror flick. Ha ha. Just glad it comes off quickly IF you catch it quickly. You can see the red in my hair in the following pictures of myself.


To apply, use gloves (trust me, the color gets in your nails and skin and is a little tough to clean) and streak it down softly yet firmly. Once finished with your desired streak, brush out (beware, your hair brush will acquire the color and SHOULD wash out) OR use a hairdryer to dry quickly. I used the hair brush option because the Color Rebel tends to feel like hairspray in your hair, and you don’t want your hair to tangle PLUS you want the color to dry quickly so you can add intensity if need be. The color is supposed to wash out in 2 hair washes. I have not washed my hair yet, so I will update you on the time it took. Also, this depends on the intensity of color you have put in your hair PLUS the porosity of your hair. I have fine hair, and I have increased the intensity this morning, so I will, for sure, update with the number of hair washes it took to come out of my hair. Please, be patient for this update, as I do skip days in between hair washes. 




And, the picture that REALLY shows off the red ombre I created on myself:


Overall, I really enjoyed trying it. So much so, that I touched up my hair this morning and built up the intensity. I was quite impressed with the way it showed up in my hair; although, it barely shows up on camera. The texture is drying, but it is nothing more than the feeling of hairspray. I was still able to use my Chi to touch up and straighten my hair, so you can definitely use heat on top of the color. Again, the color is supposed to last 2 hair washes, depending on intensity and porosity, and as I mentioned above, I will be updating.

What do you think? Would you be using this temporary hair color on your hair for a fun and bold change?


Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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