Colors by Llarowe Mojito Swatches and Review


Happy Friday & Happy Halloween, ghouls and gentlemen! 😉

There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of Mojito! It’s actually one of my favorite drinks. I also LOVE wearing green nail polish, and if you add a little holo to it, I’m all over it.

This Halloween, you may be looking for a nice, ghoulish green. This green is just so gorgeous, refreshing, and perfection on your tips! It only required 3 coats. Isn’t it just lovely?!

I feel that green is such an underused color during Halloween, as all the spotlight usually goes to orange. So, this is a great change without straying away too much from the Halloween theme!



And, of course, add some lights, camera, and ACTION! LOOK at this HOLO!



What’s going to be on your nails this Halloween?! Are you going to go simple or are you going to go all out with nail art? Tell me in the comments!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 

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