Trick or Treat with LUSH Halloween Goodies! Photos and Review


Hey there, Mommas and Daddies (too)! When you take your littles trick or treating, those dogs will be barking. No, no, not the neighbors’ dogs, although, it is bound to happen when the chill in the air and the Halloween moon beckons them. I’m talking about those feet! You may want to pamper yourself with some of these luscious LUSH goodies, and hey, I guess, your child(ren) can share too. I guess. 😉



These are just powerfully bewitching, from the scent to the effects in the bathtub to the feeling you will be left with!

Let’s start off with the Northern Lights Bath Bomb (purple) & the Sparkler Bath Bomb (yellow). These were just delightful!! As you can see from the inside of the yellow one, they have a “little surprise” for you!

The Sparkler Bath Bomb (yellow) immediately bursts like fireworks, but don’t be frightened, it’s a gentle, slow burst. It creates a gorgeous ombre in the bathtub, with reds and yellow, and then slowly leaves you enveloped in a lovely rose-scented bubble bath.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb (purple) is gorgeous! Embedded in the bath bomb is silvery stars. Once you release in the bathtub, you will find that it doesn’t “burst” like the yellow one, thanks to its bubble bar middle. The water becomes enchanting with blues and purple surrounding you in a jasmine and ylang ylang calming fragrance that will make you swoon.



A little mischievous Wizard Bubble Bar, he may be. But crumble him under hot water and you shall see… what magic he stirs up in your bathtub!! The fennel-scented bubbles will brim and the ylang ylang within the Wizard will make you feel relief beyond understanding! Your dogs… er… feet will thank you!



Sparkling Pumpkin is the PERFECT All Hallow’s Eve bathtub friend. This will color your bathtub waters orange and the refreshing scent of citrus will awaken your senses! The glitter will also float to the bottom, so you will still feel the magic of the night!



And, last but not least, Lord of Misrule. a spicy sweet delight colors the bathtub with pink and green, finally uniting into a beautifully patchouli-scented bath! This one can be broken in half and used for 2 baths, but if you’re like me and prefer a more indulgent bath, toss the entire thing in and watch it create its sorcery!



These are perfect for Halloween, so grab them before you miss out!!

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