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Hello there! If you’re like me, you know that beauty isn’t just cosmetics and nail polish. It’s also about beautifying yourself with accessories, too! I was so excited when my friend, Danielle, blogger of Princess Polish, told me she had started her own Etsy shop, Geek Chic Shoes. She creates headbands, handmade flower clips, handbags, shoes, and wallets using comic books, and they are absolutely gorgeous!!


Danielle made me two amazing comic book flower headbands. One with Green Arrow, and the other with Wonder Woman (my absolute favorite).

They come packaged absolutely adorable! And, they came without “wilting” because she made sure they were completely protected in the box.





(Wonder Woman in the front and Green Arrow in the back)




Wonder Woman shown on me above. These are absolutely comfortable. I usually get headaches from wearing headbands, but I’ve been wearing this one for hours, and I feel great! They are gorgeous – sequined and with a handmade comic book flower.




If you’re not into headbands, you should check out the very cute items that are available right now on Geek Chic Shoes! Also, you can always customize anything! I am definitely thinking of getting some Wonder Woman flats and a wallet soon! Danielle has provided a special 10% off discount code for all my readers: TANEJA10.

What do you think? Are you Geek Chic?!

Website: | | Princess Polish
Facebook: Geek Chic Shoes

Purchased by me. Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. So cute! I love the headband! My husband is such a geek so I am the total geek bride!
    The Accidental Mama

  2. I really want to get a manga made on some flats, my inner geek would be through the moon

  3. My inner geek is going nuts!!!! Those headbands are adorable!

  4. Those are the cutest headbands ever!

  5. I would SO want a few of these… So cute!

  6. Hmm, no – I’m not a geek chic I don’t think! Cute headband on you though 🙂

  7. The shoes look like a fun idea! I work at a conservative company and that is a great way to show a little personality.

  8. I love the headband!!! So cute 🙂

  9. What a fun shop! I’m terrible at accessorizing so this was fun to read! 😉

  10. Those headbands are all kinds of awesome! The hubs is a vintage comic collector, and I love flowered headbands and fascinators; so those headbands are perfect. 🙂 Going to check them out!

  11. These are really cute and would make for a great gift!

  12. Such a cute idea! Love that headband!

  13. Such a fun and cute idea! My youngest boy is a total comic book superhero lover! I love the headband

  14. I love the headbands. My family is very into superheros.

  15. those headbands are so great for comic con! 🙂 i’m not super into comic books.. my husband def is.. but i could totally sport that.

  16. I would totally rock those headbands — different and quirky. I am going to check out her shop.

    Thrifting Diva

  17. Those headbands are absolutely adorable! And I love how they aren’t super girlie too

  18. I’m geeked! Why do I feel those are for me? LOL. Headbands, liked!

  19. Those headbands are seriously so cute, and so creative!

  20. So cute! I love the headband!

  21. Love how cute the head band is, will check the shop out x

  22. such a sweet headband, I love it.

  23. My family are total geeks…and I would so rock those pumps they have for sale. Hope they’re still available closer to Christmas, they are on my list! 😀

    • Awesome!! You can always customize a pair if they’re not. You can also upcycle your own pair of shoes by sending her a pair of shoes you’d like to be upcycled, and she can do it for you!! 🙂

  24. Lovely design! From a distance it’s just a fun flower, but looking closer these amazing details show up 🙂

  25. These headbands look so cute!

  26. Love that headband! I’m not a big headband wearer, but this looks cute for a night out

  27. That is adorable! I’m going to be spending lots of time at this shop!

  28. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Those headbands are so creative! I love Etsy and am always glad to find a great new shop.

  30. Very cute headband! I also get headaches with most headbands, but maybe I should try one of these!

  31. They look super nice. I have a friend that would love these.

  32. Those are really cute on you. I’m a huge sucker for Iron Man. :X

  33. This is freaking adorable!

  34. So cute! Great idea if you’re going to comic con, too!

  35. I really like that headband! It’s really unique.

  36. I love the headbands. Those are awesome.

  37. This isn’t my style but I know so many people who would love this! 🙂

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