KBShimmer Winter 2014 (Partial) Collection Photos, Swatches, and Review


Of course, I don’t have to mention how much I LOVE KBShimmer (and the creator, Christy Rose). But, since I can’t help it – I absolutely adore KBShimmer, and especially Christy Rose for her creativity (her names are GENIUS!) and dedication to her brand.

I was incredibly thrilled when she brought back a few of her older KBShimmer Winter/Christmas polishes giving those a chance who missed them to grab them once again (which of course I did!).

KBShimmer announces the winter collection, an addition of 11 new shades to its 3-free nail polish line. The collection also includes the re-release of 5 holiday fan favorites. “Tis the season to sparkle, and how better to sparkle then with jewel tones, shiny holographic glitters, and whimsical uniqueglitter shapes?” KBShimmer Owner, Christy Rose, said. “The winter 2014 collection features several colors based Pantone’s 2014 Winter colors, holiday memories and décor, and the winter season itself.”
The winter 2014 Collection also features “Pine-ing For Yule,” a Christmas Tree inspired glitter topcoat with triangle “Christmas Trees” and red star tree toppers. “This year we are again working with Toys For Tots ® to bring joy to children over the holiday season, creating the charity polish is almost the highlight of my year, right behind the donation itself .” says Rose. $4 from the sale of each bottle from 11/01/15 to 12/15/14 will be donated to Toys For Tots ®.
Also included in the winter release are 4 new scents of KBShimmer cuticle pens, including Peppermint, Raspberry Vanilla, Chia Tea, and Unscented. A holiday inspired vinyl nail decal sheet, complete with candy canes, Christmas Trees, holiday lights and snowflakes will makes its debut
along with the winter polish collection. Cuticle Oil Pens retail for $6 each, and vinyl nail decals retail for $5 a sheet.
Each KBShimmer bottle will retail for $8.75 on the website at www.kbshimmer.com. For sales outside the U.S., visit www.harlowandco.org.
Starting off with the NEW for Winter 2014:
White Here, White Now is a textured white polish that totally resembles snow and is such a fun wintery manicure! (Or even an awesome costume addition to Ice Princesses during Halloween). This was thick, as expected, and took 3 coats. I would recommend waiting for each coat to dry before adding an additional coat so that it doesn’t slide around.

Flake Dance is a silver holographic glitter topper with snowflake glitters. The snowflake glitters need to be fished for and placed, but the other glitters came out effortlessly! This is shown over KBShimmer Sky Jinks. Two coats were used over Sky Jinks.
Dressed to Gild is a “filthy rich” textured polish. This looks like it is made up of precious metals! PERFECTION for Holiday parties. So sparkly and gorgeous! Three coats were used.
Pine-ing for YuleA holiday inspired glitter topcoat with holographic triangle “Christmas Trees” and red star tree toppers. For each bottle sold at KBShimmer.com from 11/01 until 12/15, $4 will be donated to Tots For Tots ®. This polish is gorgeous, and beyond that touches my heart because of what it means to buy one of these. What a beautiful cause. This was applied over KBShimmer Big Tan on Campus. The “Christmas Trees” and stars came out effortlessly in 2 thin coats.
Fallen Angle is a vibrant cobalt blue jelly filled with holographic triangles and sparkles fit for an Angel. Three coats were used to make this manicure angelic. Oh, and can I just say that I have a new obsession for triangle glitters?!
Coffee lovers unite! Deja Brew is just that perfect coffee shade with a hint of red undertones. Almost like a delicious cup of pumpkin spice latte. This beauty’s holo is just unbelievable. Looks terrific in 3 coats.
Nail art lovers, your turn to unite! Hey, you’re not good at nail art, you say? Well, join my club. As someone who admires nail art from afar, especially the animal print ones, I was REJOICING with my fellow nail polish/nail art lovers with the introduction of Spot Sign, a polish with black leopard spot shaped glitters are accented by black dots, small black hexes and micro holographic sparkle. Seen gracing KBShimmer Radiant Orchid, I must say, it truly does look like the nail art. The spots were fished for, while the others came out effortlessly. Definitely a showstopping polish and one for the books!!
Cuticle Oil Pens!! Now, these are another obsession of mine from KBShimmer. Not only are they really easy to use, but my son is also intrigued by them. He sees me applying them, and he asks for it too and then promptly sniffs his cuticles. Precious moments.
These really do make my cuticles look fantastic AND smell great, too! The Chai Tea has more of a gingerbread scent to me, but also understand as an Indian-American, I drink chai every morning (traditional and cultural habit I learned from my parents who are from India) and well, it’s a little different than chai you get from Starbucks, but with that being said, this smells more like the Chai Latte you’d get from Starbucks, and I’m just biased.
The Raspberry Vanilla is delicious. This one transported me back to my 7th grade life (I used a raspberry body wash and “perfume” religiously). As I sniffed this, I started giggling causing my husband to ask what happened. I told him that it just reminded me of junior high crushes, social dilemmas, assignments, and more. Will definitely be using this a lot for that sweet innocent nostalgia hit.
Now, for the RETURNING Holiday favorites! Definitely excited to see these back!!
Merry Pinkmas is a precious doll-like Christmas polish with a sweet candy pink base and fun neon Holiday glitter. I believe this was originally created by Let Them Have Polish. Three coats were used.
Kringle All the Way, the Toys for Tots polish from last year, is back, and I’m oh-so-glad! This circle glitter wonder of a topper is just stunning and absolutely reminds you of hanging ornaments with family. I cannot wait until that time of the year, and giddy that it is soon!! This is seen over KBShimmer Mint-al Vacation. No fishing require for this polish!
All Decked Out is a polish that I actually wore last year for Christmas. I just adore this polish, as it really reminds me of a fresh pine tree lighted and decorated with splendor. Such a beauty!! 3 coats here. Note: I had this bottle already, so it is in the old bottle style.
Snow Way reminds me of the days I lived in my birth state of Minnesota. I still can smell snow in the air (when it’s coming, that is) and absolutely adore the wintertime and the hot chocolate and the cozies: sweaters and scarves and snowsuits. But, living in the south, I don’t get to see this often, and when I do, I definitely cherish it. This totally lets me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Three coats for perfection.
Sugar Plum Faerie is a whimsical, sweet purple jelly filled with candy-like glitters. Just beautiful and perfect for all-year-round! Three coats made this look dainty!
Ah, who’s ready for the chill in the air? I know I am, but not too chilly, please, Mother Nature!
Also, there will also be some promotions going on starting on November 1 onKBShimmer.com for the holidays:

-Free Shipping For All Orders over $40 on KBShimmer.com No code needed. Runs from 11/01-12/31

-Free With a $70+ Purchase, Holly Back Girl, a white Christmas crelly polish with red and green glitters. Use code HBGFREE to receive free polish and free shipping with $70+ purchase. Runs from 11/01-12/31

-Free samples! While supplies last, we will be sending out a sample in each order. Samples may include scrubs, lotions, vinyl nail decals, soaps, etc. Orders will also include a branded emery board.

-Free Snowman Glitter! The first 400 orders will receive a bag of 1000 snowmen glitters perfect for winter nail art.

Which items are going on YOUR wishlist?!
To purchase KBShimmer, follow the links below:
Purchased by me. Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Wow! All those polishes look amazing! I especially like Merry Pinkmas and Snow Way.

  2. Wow, these are all so gorgeous! Sugar Plum Faerie is so amazing! Thank you for such a gorgeous review!

  3. Hard to pick just one they all look super cute !

  4. Fallen Angle is beautiful

  5. Great swatches! I know I’m going to be picking up a few of these beauties 🙂

  6. Wow! Great swatches!! Dressed to Gild looks amazing 🙂

  7. Spot Sign is my favorite! it’s instant nail art for talent-less like me, haha!

  8. So cute! I particularly love Deja Brew and Snow Way.

  9. Ooh I really like the white textured polish and Snow Way! Was the textured polish hard to remove?


  10. OK I am loving them all. I really like the snow one and the Christmas ones but they’re all beautiful!

  11. I love the holiday ones – especially the light blue with glitter that looks like snow flakes! And I am going to check out the cuticle oil pens – I need some cuticle oil, but hate the feel of the oil, with the pen, I don’t have to touch it!

  12. Oooh these are SO F UN! I love Flake Dance and Deja Brew! 🙂

  13. I think I like the white one best, if it was a little less textured! Otherwise, pretty : )

  14. I really love the Pine-ing for Yule! It reminds me that my FAVORITE holiday and imd of year is only two months away <3

  15. OMG! That pine-ing for yule shade is so cute! Perfect for December!

  16. i love all the nail polishes but not too much the White one. Deja brew absolute favs

  17. I adore the Deja Brew, and I need those cuticle pens!!!

  18. That gold glittered polish looks beautiful!

  19. Wow! These are so different!! I love the deja brew! I also love the idea of the oil pens! I may have to get a few as gifts!

  20. I am absolutely amazed at how you were able to showcase each of these polishes. How often do you change nail polishes, and how do you keep your nails in the best shape?

    I like the textures and fun color/glitter mixes of these seasonal polishes, and my fav is probably the first one, Flake Dance. It reminds me of freshly-fallen snow… I think it would look awesome with a light spinkling of silver or white iridescent glitter!


    • Thank you, love! I apply a lot of cuticle oil and lotion and I change polish every 2 days BUT I do allow one day WITHOUT polish so that they can breathe. I also like to apply olive oil and coconut oil to keep the cuticles in tip top shape. Also, if cuticles are healthy, so your nails will be! 🙂 I also like to trim them every so often so that they don’t break and stay strong!

      Flake Dance is such a cool polish! I love the snowflake glitters! 🙂 Yes, it’d look terrific with the colors you mentioned!

      Thanks for checking in! <3

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