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If you’re like me, a good bath is revitalizing and mood-changing. Especially with the chill in the air, a good, warm, cozy bath is sometimes all you need to relax. Not to mention, smell good, as well!

Some NEW products have been launched, and they are quite amazing!



From top left-right:
– D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap
– Mangnificent Soap

From bottom left-right:
– Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb
– Parsley Porridge

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap. Not only does it smell amazing, it works extremely well for shaving (and looks mighty tasty too, but please don’t eat it, it’s not edible). My skin is sensitive and tends to get irritated by shaving creams and/or razors, but this made my skin feel super soft and the razor just glided over it without even touching the skin BUT getting any (and every last) stubble from the last shave. I was super thrilled by this and the scent is just fabulous.



Another rave review belongs to the Mangnificent Soap. This soap is not only a beauty but it’s scent is just extremely divine. I love the fact that the scent lingers for days too. My skin felt so moisturized and soft after using this soap, as well. I will be getting more of these soaps on my next visit to LUSH.



Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb is a whopper of a bath bomb. I split this baby into 4 baths for my son, and he really enjoyed the swirls of color and heavenly scent. I almost didn’t even shower him afterwards because he smelled so good, but that’s what the Mangnificent Soap was good for. 😉



Last but definitely not least is the Parsley Porridge. If you love woodsy, herbal scents, this is for you. This one is almost masculine in scent, but I love that about it, and the fact that it’s moisturizing, too!



If you haven’t tried LUSH yet, start out with the Mangnificent Soap. I would recommend it to everyone I know because that scent is just perfection and so is the clean, moisturizing feeling you will be left with.

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