#SavetheUndies Campaign with U by Kotex


We’re all ladies here, right? Oh, hello, any straying gentlemen! Well, we’re about to talk about something that is usually not something we shout from the rooftops. When it come to the “Time of the Month”, we can’t always be prepared, even with a regular pattern. So, it’s always important to carry around pads/tampons with you to #SavetheUndies.

So, what makes me feel confident around and during my “Time of the Month”? Keeping the adorably packaged (and colorful) U by Kotex  in my makeup bag along with my favorite products (and snacks) because it goes with me everywhere I go for touch-ups, and you can barely tell they’re there!

Would you believe that I have feminine hygiene care products in THERE?!



As a woman, I’ve been dealing with these products for a majority of my life. And, if you’re a woman, you too must understand what it means to protect your clothing with these sanitary pads or tampons. I was thrilled to hear about the NEW 3D Capture Core that helps #SavetheUndies. Trust me, there is nothing worse than ruining your clothes and having to re-purchase over and over.

The box is attractive and is embossed with a lovely design, which makes it easier for your significant other/spouse to grab a box for you at the store without being completely humiliated. Am I right?!



The U by Kotex 3D Capture Core Clean Wear pads are contained in colorful yet chic packaging, which make it an adorable and obscure accesory! I mean, does that look anything out of place? Nope. Not to me.



Would you like to try some FREE SAMPLES? U by Kotex is generously giving them away!


Sit back, relax, and click HERE for your FREE SAMPLES!


Thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s discussion.


  1. I love the idea of having a a makeup bag full of tasty snacks and that time of the month essentials! It makes dealing with that week a little easier! Great post!

  2. Seriously that packaging is GORGE! I wouldn’t even care if one dropped out of my purse in front of a room full of people lol! Thank you for the free links too! I love FREE!

  3. So nice of you to post the freebie! Thanks!!

  4. They are so colorful and fun! It’s great packaging to brighten up the fact that you have your period!

  5. I always reach for U by Kotex when I’m shopping for the worst week of my life (every month), haha. Their packaging is so pretty!

  6. Love U By Kotex – thanks for the sample!

  7. I love the bright colours that Kotex has, makes it a little fun!

  8. I love the bright colours, it makes it a little fun.

  9. Wow- can’t believe you fit them in there! So compact!

  10. I no longer get a cycle (hysterectomy) but these were my go-to pads when I did. I always had them in my purse.

  11. I love that companies now make cute packaging like this for their products.

  12. I think every woman should have a bag of snacks and feminine hygiene products at the ready. You never know when we might need one 🙂

  13. Cute packaging makes me want to buy these!

  14. I used to use these all the time! Loved them! And the packaging is adorable!

  15. Very colorful packaging! So much better than the tell-tale pastel blue or purple.

  16. I constantly go to pull things out of my bag and pads fly everywhere – I have to say though I’m a fully pledged Always girl!

    Katie <3

  17. Smart way to carry them! So sneaky and the “supplies” don’t fly out all over the room when you are digging through your purse!

  18. If I put snacks in a makeup bag to carry with me I’d eat them all, everyday, HAHA. I do keep a bar in the diaper bag though. 🙂 I was totally LOLing at your comment about the box not screaming HI I AM A BOX OF PADS LOOK AT ME.

  19. I really don’t understand why it’s so taboo to talk about periods. They are EVERY DAMN MONTH. Lol.

  20. The packaging on this line of Kotex is very attractive. Weird to say about a fem product!

  21. Love U by Kotex products! You’re so right, their packaging is so bright and cheery!

  22. I honestly swear by these and love that their colorful packaging!!!

  23. love the U kotex stuff and thank you for the free sample heads up! 😉 always love free stuff!!

  24. Thanks for sharing a great freebie! 🙂

  25. I love U By Kotex too! Their packaging is genius!

  26. I have never used these before, but the packaging seems to be something that I should definitely look at more. Can’t stand that I have to literally hide my Always pieces when I head to the bathroom while at work.

    Thrifting Diva

  27. This is awesome! Thanks, lady!

  28. Great packaging! I’ll have to check them out!!

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