Milani Bella Eyes 21 – 25 Photos, Swatches, and Review


So, last night, as I opened my laptop to start working on this post, I realized something was off, and it was quite an instantaneous realization. My laptop’s screen wouldn’t turn on regardless of what I would do. My laptop has lived a long (technologically speaking) life, so I sadly set it aside and moved on with life, but then I was jolted with another realization. Where were my pictures? Did they back up like they should have been? Yes, some of them, but not quite all of them. Then, I was moved with another realization. I usually don’t delete the photos off my camera (unless by some freak accident) until the post is published because I usually like to share photos of products in mint condition, so you can see what you will be getting. Anyway, before I keep on sulking over the loss of my laptop, let’s move on to Milani Bella Eyes PART 5!

Again, if you have missed the previous “episodes” of the series, I have decided to take all 30 Bella Eyes that Milani has sent to share with you readers and take them in numerical order and review 5 at a time, while giving myself the challenge of creating a look with the 5 presented to me in that numerical order.

If you have missed any, check them out below:
To see Look #1, visit HERE.
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And, for Look #4, visit HERE.

In PART 5, we will be working with the following colors:
– 21 Bella Teal
– 22 Bella Gold
– 23 Bella Copper
– 24 Bella Bronze
– 25 Bella Cobalt



(L-R: Teal, Gold, Copper, Bronze, and Cobalt)


(L-R: Teal, Gold, Copper, Bronze, and Cobalt)

To create this look, Copper was laid out on the eyelid, with Bronze in the crease. Gold was then place in the inner lid, and the 3 were then blended to transition into each other. Cobalt was then used wet with a liner brush and lined on top lid. Teal was then used wet and applied wet under waterline.

Lipstick is Lime Crime Salem Velvetine.


And, if that is hurting your eyes like it’s hurting mine (literally – I mean, look how much I am blinking! 😉 ) then here are some stills.







Overall, these 5 shades really impressed me with their pigmentation, and I’ve only found a few that lacked in that department. When I saw these 5 shades, I knew exactly what look I wanted to do. These jewel tones reminded me of my Indian origin, and that’s why I paired them with a dupatta (scarf) veiling my head.

Does this exotic look inspire you? Would you try it out or not for you? There is one more look left in the series!!

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