Milani Bella Eyes 06 – 10 Photos, Swatches, and Review


As I’ve mentioned before, I will be featuring a 6 part series of Milani Bella Eyes. For PART I, see here. If you are visiting this series for the first time, let me quickly give you a recap of what I am planning to do through the 6 part series. I have chosen the 30 powder-gel eyeshadows in order and 5 for each series to challenge myself to use them in each look. For PART II, we will be talking about 5 more of the 30 beautiful powder-gel eyeshadows.

– 06 Bella Espresso
– 07 Bella White
– 08 Bella Sky
– 09 Bella Navy
– 10 Bella Gray



(L-R: Espresso, White, Sky, Navy, and Gray)


(L-R: Espresso, White, Sky, Navy, and Gray)

– 06 Bella Espresso


– 07 Bella White


– 08 Bella Sky


– 09 Bella Navy


– 10 Bella Gray



To create this look, Espresso was used as the base, Navy was used to create a cut crease and cat eye while Sky was patted in center to create dimension. Under the waterline and tearduct, Gray was used. Bella White was actually not used in the eye look itself but used as a highlighter and blended on the high point of the nose and in center of forehead. Lipstick is Milani Orange-gina (and in some cases Revlon Fifth Ave. Red patted with Bella Espresso)














(L-R: Espresso, White, Sky, Navy, Gray)

As you can see these gel-powder eyeshadows are quite pigmented. To swatch these on my arm, I used my ring finger, and they are actually quite blendable, and I love this quality about them! These 5 did not have much fall out, but I did still tap out my brush to make sure there wasn’t any excess powder on my brush because my biggest pet peeve is when fall out is all over my cheek!

What did you think of the use of these 5? Would you try a look like this or pass?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.









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