Zoya Naturel Deux (2)Collection Photos, Swatches, and Review


It’s hard for me to believe that August (meaning Football, Sweater and Fall are RIGHT around the corner!). Although, I am a HUGE Autumn fan (I mean, my birthday is in September!), I am hugging onto Summer for a little while. The sun is just a little stronger, the breeze is NOT taken for granted, and it’s just loads of FUN! Like me, Zoya seems to slowly make a transition toward Fall, and they created this BEAUTIFUL transitional collection, Naturel Deux (2). It’s chock full of browns in various shades and plums of various depths. It’s so stunning – I am ready to jump into deep, vampy colors (read: Fall) soon!!



Let’s start with the pleasant plums. I am deeply IN LOVE with this shade that I welcomed these with open arms! I love wearing this shade in the Summer, as well, so this is a GREAT transitional colors.

Madeline, a muted rose, is a delicate blossom and looks dashing in her 3 coats.



Taking it up a notch is Audrey, a medium mauve cream. She is a sassy one, but she sure is plum sweet! She looks stunning in her 3 coats, as well!



Marnie, a deep warm plum, is daring yet plum delicious!! 3 coats make her look perfect!



Are you a chocolate or coffee fiend OR both? You will love these because they remind you of those delectable treats!

Spencer, a camel cream, will stare at you like a creamy vanilla latte. Steaming in 3 coats.



Chanelle, a toasted almond, is for you if you like less cream! She is full of depth and beauty in her 3 coats.



No cream at all? Emilia is like a good piece of dark chocolate. Good for you, too! 3 coats shown here:



Recap of the plums:



(L-R: Madeline, Audrey, and Marnie)

Recap of the Chocolates:


(L-R: Spencer, Chanelle, and Emilia)

What do you think of these outstanding creams? Are they up your alley or are you going to skip?

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Facebook: Zoya

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love neautral nail polishes, so those are perfect!

  2. I love Audrey! Colors like that work best on my skin tone.

  3. Most of the time I despise neutrals (what can I say? I love color!) but I could see myself picking up a few of these for work-appropriate situations!

  4. That camel creme is calling my name

  5. I have been drooling over these shades!

  6. Zoya is one of my favorite polish brands. These colors are so gorgeous!!!!!!! Such a great quality product!!

  7. I need Marnie in my life for this fall.

  8. Gorgeous colors! Feels like fall already!

  9. I was just thinking how I need more neutral nail polish colors! Most of mine are purples, greens, or other bright colors, haha. Find for some occasions, but it’s great to have a more classic look sometime.


  10. Wow those are beautiful! Love the colors. I wish I could do my nails so well as you do yours. I will guess I will have to practice 🙂

  11. The colours are so nice and look amazing with your skin tone! Also, I was wondering how good it looks with just one coat? And have you got a cute nail varnish storage area which you could share with us on your blog? 🙂

  12. The Marnie looks absolutely fabulous! I also really like Chanelle!

  13. Oooh pretty colors!! Makes me excited for fall and football too!

  14. Cream colors are my go to! I think they always look great!

  15. These are SO beautiful. They make your nails look so healthy too!

  16. These are all beautiful colors !

  17. I love the colors, perfect for fall.

  18. Oh! I love the Audrey!!

  19. Love the colours great for fall

  20. Love that Spencer color! I also love fall…my favorite season!

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