Perlier Shea Butter Hand Cream with White Lily Extract Photos and Review


Does anybody else have a Lotion/Body Butter hoarding problem? I do, and I was tickled pink when I was given the opportunity to try the Perlier Shea Butter Softening Moisturizing Hand Cream with White Lily Extract from iFabbo. This delicate, floral lotion will give your hands a silky soft and moisturized feeling that you’ll be obsessed with feeling how smooth it feels.



When I saw what the cream was made up, I decided to do a little research. What are the benefits of White Lily Extract? According to Home Remedies For You:

  • Herbalists and traditional practitioners use white lily as a common home remedy for cuts, wounds, and ulcerations. The leaves or powdered flowers are usually placed on cuts, burns, and open wounds for quick relief from pain. Blisters, sores and cuts are treated with honey buttered white lily petals. For treating oral thrush, the plant is boiled in sweet milk and used as an oral rinse. White lily contains strong antibacterial properties that make it a good cure for treating wounds.

  • White lily vinegar is a popular herbal remedy for eliminating warts. It also aids in better digestion and treats various digestive problems.

  • Tea prepared from white lily flowers is an effective blood cleanser and purifier. You can also mix it with peony roots, white shamrock, and white sulphurine to treat leucorrhea.

  • Experts recommend boiling the root of white lily and placing it on the chest while suffering from cold and cough. You can even consume it orally as it contains expectorant properties that help in thinning the mucus and make it easier to eliminate from the lungs. This is also a good treatment for swelling or inflammation on any part of the body.

  • The bulb of the white lily is an effective remedy for a number of respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis and can provide quick relief and improvement from the symptoms of these conditions.

  • Studies have shown that white lily helps in regulating the heartbeats and is therefore good for people suffering from heart conditions. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system.

  • White lily is a good cure or eye diseases, conjunctivitis, and sensitive eyes and is therefore used in a number of eye drops and other applications. It is also used to stimulate hair growth on the eyebrows.

  • Its medicinal properties are effective for treating other health concerns such as insomnia, nightmares, ocular pains, ear inflammations, palpitations, nail infections, memory loss, and otitis. Experts recommend drinking 2-3 cups of white lily petal tea everyday for treating these conditions effectively.





The cream is thick like body butter but melts into the skin quickly leaving the skin non-greasy and silky soft. The fragrance is floral and delicate, but if you have a sensitive nose, then this may not be for you.

Perlier Shea Butter with White Lily Extract will be making an appearance on HSN in different sets for a great bundled price on July 24th and 25th. So, keep your eyes peeled for that!! I know I will be.

To purchase or see more information, follow the links below:
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Press sample via iFabbo. All opinions are honest and my own.


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