MAC x Sharon Osbourne Lipglasses in Bijou & Pussywillow Photos, Swatches, and Review


So, you remember when I reviewed MAC x Kelly Osbourne, I said I had ordered MAC Cranberry Lip Pencil? Well, it got cancelled. I guess Belk’s didn’t have enough. 🙁 I found out from a lovely lady that Milani Plumrose Lipstick is practically identical, so I guess it was a blessing in disguise. I already own Milani Plumrose, and I’ll share it at the bottom so you can take a look at what Cranberry Lip Pencil is SUPPOSED to look like (with and without Bijou)! MAC  restocked the lipglasses, so I went ahead and grabbed them so I wouldn’t regret it, so I’m going to go ahead and show them to you!!

I  absolutely love Sharon! She’s so balanced and takes such great care of her family! I mean, I remember how she stood up for them and protected them in a lioness manner! She’s so bold and beautiful and I just love her!



Let’s start with Pussywillow. I was a little iffy about buying this because I wasn’t sure how close it is to Clear Water (from the Alluring Aquatic; no swatches yet) and Gold Mirror from the Pedro Lourenco Collection. It’s a little similar (sparkly and gold-ish), but I could see the difference, too. I’ll show you the comparison here, as well.



Gold Mirror:



See? They’re extremely different! Here’s Pussywillow again on my full face. I absolutely adore lipglasses! They are thick, some are almost opaque and they are extremely comfortable to wear. The lipglasses with glitter are not chunky and you can’t feel the texture of glitter. If you do not like the feel of tacky glosses, lipglasses are not for you.



Next up is Bijou. A soft milky pink. I fell in love with this because it’s a very rosy, feminine shade and I just love these kinds of shades. As you can see, it sinks into the lip lines and can look great alone from afar, or amazing over a lipstick of a similar shade (I will show you this over Milani Plumrose – “dupe” for MAC Cranberry Lip Pencil from the Sharon Osbourne Collection, as well).





And, here’s Milani Plumrose (Can I just say how much I love Milani! They have a lot of beautiful lipsticks and products that, as you can see, rival high-end brands, such as MAC Cosmetics!)



And, with Bijou over it:



Plumrose alone:



And, again with Bijou:



So, if you missed out on Cranberry Lip Pencil like I did, Milani Plumrose is supposed to be a great alternative. I, myself, do not own Cranberry to say positively if it’s a dupe or not, but I did see them side-by-side on a swatch posted by a lovely lady, and felt relieved. I figured I could show you Bijou over Plumrose to kind of get an idea of how it would look over Cranberry Lip Pencil. I absolutely love Bijou and am so glad I picked it up. I am also glad I got Pussywillow, and would love to see it flashing over a red or hot coral lipstick.

Did you haul anything from Sharon Osbourne’s side of the collection?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.






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