Firmoo Prescription Glasses Photos and Review


I was first given prescription for my eyes in 7th grade and broke my glasses the first day I wore them to school (purposely or accidentally? Well, actually I didn’t want to wear them AND they fell out of their pouch and I accidentally stepped on them). I had another pair of glasses after this but they were SO uncool, I never wore them out. I got contacts in 9th grade and the rest is history (I still never got a new pair of glasses because I didn’t need them with my Day/Night contact lenses). I have really bad allergies in the Springtime, and this Spring has been especially bad – calling for days without eye makeup thanks to the itchy, watery and red eyes, so I took up Firmoo on their offer to try out a pair of their prescription glasses!

I absolutely love the shopping experience with Firmoo because you can go their site and upload a photograph and virtually TRY ON any of the sunglasses/glasses available! As you can see below, I chose the Try On View, so I could scroll through the glasses on MY face so I can see which ones to narrow down to.



Once you click on a pair of glasses you like, the view is something like this:


I ultimately chose a pair I thought looked good on my picture, and added my prescription to them so I could sometimes give my eyes a break from contact lenses and use this to see.  They came in a beautiful case with a microfiber cloth to keep the lens clean.





The frames are sturdy and made of metal.


Description: These eyeglasses will surely spice up your look! These full frame eyeglasses are metal-based and dual toned. They feature a gorgeous design on the side arms, with a golden outlined flower on each side for a totally charming look. The smaller rectangular lenses are perfect for single vision correction glasses,fashion eyeglasses



And, I love the detail on the side:



And, this is how it looked on!



Overall, the shopping experience with Firmoo was definitely a pleasant one. I received timely replies to any questions I had and was treated with the best customer service possible. This is highly important to me because it shows the values of the company I am dealing with. Shipping took a little bit of time, and the glasses arrived in tip top condition inside their case with a microfiber cloth and were ready to wear!


What do you think? Did Firmoo’s Virtual Try-On help me find the perfect pair of glasses?


Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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