May Beauty Box 5 Photos/Review


Hello again! My son’s last day of school was recently, so I’ve been spending a lot more time with him, which obviously means the blog will be a little less busy! But, I’ll definitely keep updating the blog as much as possible!

Today, we have the May Beauty Box 5! I was super excited because the spoiler for this box was a full-size Cattiva Eyeliner!! Woot! Are you ready to see what I received in this box!?


Let’s start with the MaskerAide. First off, WHAT a clever name! I tried to get a “cute” photo of me wearing this mask (so, sorry if I scare you!), but it was nearly impossible, sorry. I even tried to smile, but that made it worse LOL! I will be honest, as soon as I put it on me, I freaked myself out. But, the mask was so cooling and calming! I really enjoyed wearing it. It didn’t turn my face red like usually masks do, so I was grateful to this, and you could honestly just wash your face and GO instead of turning in. It really did re-energize me, my skin felt cool and soft, and it was just all-around lovely! Definitely want to try this again!



And, next we have the Total Refresh Cooling Cloths – again, a sweet powder scented sheets PERFECT to use after working out if you have to get somewhere and are short on time. That’s what I used this for! My son had a Last Day of School Picnic, and I was horrified when I realized I was too late to shower and had JUST stepped off the elliptical, so I used these wipes where I needed it most, and went off to his picnic. I LOVE these and will definitely need more!


And, speaking of scents, the Harvey Prince Hello is DIVINE! I sprayed this on me that day, as well, and it was just beautiful! I may need a full-size bottle of this puppy!



H2O+ Marine Cleansing Gel was absolutely wonderful. It has a nice scent and felt great on the skin.  I may even consider getting this in full-size.



And, finally, the Cattiva Eyeliner! Wow, stunning – this crayon-like eyeliner doesn’t need to be sharpened because it can be twisted up. I love this because when I take my eyeliner to travel, I don’t always remember the sharpener. And, this just makes packing light and easy! This had a rich, creamy texture. I have yet to try it on my waterline. Can’t wait to run out of a black eyeliner, so I can try this immediately!


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For $12 (gets lower if you subscribe long-term), you’re definitely getting your money’s worth PLUS more. So, follow the links below for more information/subscribing!

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