L’Oreal Collection Privee (Les Nudes Collection Exclusive) by Freida & Eva Photos/Swatches/Review


As I was perusing the aisles of CVS, I came across a collection that had me staring! SIX neutral/nude lipsticks perfect for your skintone based on the actress/model that it was created for.

Discover which ambassador resembles you the most and customize your ideal nude. 

Celebrate your feminine side with Collection Exclusive.

So, of course, I didn’t purchase them all to swatch because, well, I knew that not all of them would suit my skintone. I chose Freida Pinto (best known for Slumdog Millionaire) and Eva Longoria’s (best known for Desperate Housewives, my favorite show) neutral lipstick because I wasn’t exactly sure which one would be close to me, but I think I know now! I paused in my tracks at this display only because it was so diverse yet unified. SIX lovely ladies so different from each other, but yet so similar! It was gorgeous! I knew I had to get the 2 I had in my hands. The two I do not have pictured are: Liya Kebede (Ethiopian born model, maternal health advocate, clothing designer and actress) and Cheryl Cole (TV personality and more).

Eva & Doutzen Kroes (Dutch Model/Actress/Victoria Secret’s Angel) pictured here:



Freida & Julianne Moore (Actress) pictured here:


The lipsticks are packaged beautifully. So elegant for a drugstore brand. I definitely thought this was worthy of my collection! I mean, look at how special. The black rubber casing with gold center that locks and the stunning golden font.









If you go to the L’Oreal website, you will find a questionnaire where you “fill in the blanks” to help you find out which neutrals are good for you! I took the quiz twice, and I did get Eva and Freida each time!

Let’s start off with Freida, who is a fellow Indian girl. I obviously picked this up because I figured we were close in skintone, and it had to look somewhat good, right? Her perfect nude is a soft lavender with a little shimmer. I loved the fact that it had a little sparkle because I can always get behind that!









Now, let’s move on to Eva’s perfect neutral lipstick. This one is a very caramel-toned neutral. I love this kind of shade, so I figured it needed to come home with me, as well. I’m glad because it’s one of my HOLY GRAIL neutrals that I can just drop into my purse.









I may get some other ambassador’s colors – especially the darker ones and the ones that are a few  skintones lighter. You just never know! 😉 Also, forgot to mention, as soon as I started putting it on my lips, I got a whiff of the past. These smell just like “Old Lady” and remind me of lipsticks my Mom used to wear! 🙂 And, to me, that was just fine.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up a neutral lipstick that is similar to an ambassador’s skintone, or are you just going to grab them all?

Website: lorealparisusa.com
Facebook: L’Oreal Paris

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.




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