Glisten & Glow Shea Butter Hand Scrub – Wild Nights in Seaside Heights Photos/Review


I’m going to share a product that will be in the Destinations themed Llarowe – June A Box, Indied offerings from Glisten & Glow. I’ve used products created by her before, and let me tell you, they smell absolutely divine and delicious (but please don’t eat them!). Not only that, they WORK! I have a cuticle oil in the Peach Sangria scent, and it is scrumptious and keeps my cuticles soft, but today, we’re going to talk about the Glisten & Glow offering from the Llarowe June A Box, Indied, a Shea Butter Hand Scrub in Wild Nights in Seaside Heights. 


The scrub comes in a 2 oz. size and smells like papaya, mango, with a splash of coconut with the mist of the Jersey Shore’s ocean breeze. Really what this smells like is paradise and pina coladas and beaches. Mmm.

The ingredients include: shea butter, pink sea salt, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, tea tree botanical extract and premium grade fragrance oil.



I have personally never tried a Shea Butter Hand Scrub. I have tried other types of sugar scrubs, though, and was really excited to try this. As soon as I opened the jar, I was transported on a mini mental vacation to the shoreside, namely Jersey Shore, where I could romp on the sandy shores and be intoxicated by the beach air (and my pina colada!).





Inside the jar is the fragrant “marshmallow” cloud of wonder. This is a beautifully whipped shea butter hand scrub! All you need is a quarter size on your hands and rub together for a mini vacation of your own PLUS soft and silky hands!



As you can see, it melts evenly and you are left with the exfoliating pink sea salt and shea butter that gives your hands refreshed, as well as the rest of your senses.

I’m sensitive to scents, but to be honest, Glisten & Glow’s scents have never triggered/bothered my allergies or nose. That’s saying a lot, and that’s why I would trust her with just about any product!!

Now, here’s a little “education” on Jersey Shore!

The Jersey Shore is a favorite vacation destination of East Coasters. Millions make the annual pilgrimage to the various beaches on the shore each summer. By day the Jersey Shore boosts the famous beaches, boardwalks, funnel cakes, salt water taffy, pier filled amusements and everything in between. By night the Jersey Shore also dubbed “The Shore” takes on a whole new personality. The families have gone back to their motel or house rental and the 20 something’s come out to play! Seaside Heights is best known as the setting for MTV’s reality tv series – Jersey Shore Seaside Heights for the 20 something is the place to be for the summer! Gather up your friends and rent a summer house. Don’t forget your favorite tunes, hottest night club outfits and the booze. Beach bunnies by day getting that perfect tan, playing volleyball, munching on boardwalk pizza and hot waffles + ice cream and taking a gamble at Frog Bog or the roller coasters on Casino Pier! When the sun goes down the beach bunnies turn into club divas. Hair, make-up and outfits just right while pre-gaming with your girls getting ready for a night out at Club Karma, Jenks, Bamboo or Beachcomber! Getting Wild is not even the half of it. Shots, Shots and more Shots, tons of fruity drinks, the techno beats, fist pumps and dancing till your feet feel like they are falling off. Looking for Mr. Right or for maybe just tonight. All with the beautiful sand and surf in the background and in the distance the neons from the piers. At the end of the night, you’ll head to the local diner to find the perfect cure for your hangover!

Looking for a little vacation? I recommend subscribing to the A Box, Indied Subscription Box! This will be available to order on May 26th; ongoing subscribers, you can sit tight and wait for your box. Make sure you are subscribed to Llarowe’s emails so you know all the stocking/restocking information because these fly off the “shelves” quick!! 

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