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How many times have you gone to the nail salon to get a pedicure and messed up your pedi because you had to get your shoes on. Silly, right? Happens to the BEST of us. Well, these will not only be your cute flip flops, BUT they will also separate your toes so they can be easily painted.


Photo Courtesy of Pedi Princess

Now, when it’s Summertime, I love my flip flops, and I love my tootsies polished! So, what better than having these adorable AND comfortable flip flops that space your toes, so you’re always ready for a pedicure!

They came packaged in a sweet, little tote. Perfect for travel!


And, they come in all sorts of designs! I chose an adorable camo print and then a classic black flip flop. Let’s take a look:


Also, let me mention, I wear a size 6 1/2, and these fit properly, so make sure you note this when you order!


And, not to mention, how cute they looked on!!


Overall, I loved these flip flops because not only are they comfortable to wear (just try to wear the crystals in the center of your toes so they don’t dig in), but you’re always ready for a pedicure or even a pedicure change!

What do you think of these Pedi Princesses!? Will you be getting a pair or two… or three…?

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