Get Berry Sexy for Spring/Summer 2014 with Red Apple Lipstick – Photos/Swatches/Review


You heard me! Let’s get berry sexy this Spring/Summer! Heck, wear it all year, I say! Berry is extremely chic – it gives you an air of mystery and allure. Red Apple Lipstick, as you’ve heard from me before, is a gluten free lipstick, and perfect for those with celiac disease and who still love their cosmetics. You don’t have to give them up! Red Apple Lipstick is very supportive!

I received three gorgeous shades to share with all of you.
– Swoon
– Boys ‘N Berries
– Plum Sexy Crazy



Let’s start off with Swoon – this shade is definitely swoonworthy! It’s a metallic berry – something I adore!! This shade is uber chic! It felt FANTASTIC on! I can see myself wearing this out quite a bit!!







Ever been on the search for “Your Lips But Better” and found it when you least expected!? Yup, this would be the “One”. Boys N Berries is just perfection. It gives just a hint of color on my lips, but it’s the exact same color as my natural lips and adds a little glitz and glamour with a little glitter.







And, then there’s Plum Crazy Sexy, which is absolutely stunning! This was my favorite! I love shades like this!! It’s just lovely!! This one is definitely MY MUST HAVE. If anything, get this one. Such a shimmery beauty!







So, get berry sexy and plum crazy sexy with these shades! I love Red Apple Lipstick, not only because they are gluten free, but because their lipsticks are quality through and through!

So, where can you snag these? And, will you be rocking berry this Season (and the next, next, and next?)

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