MAC Playland (Partial) Collection Photos/Swatches/Review


I love bright colors – they are absolutely delightful and just exciting! And, when you have a collection where you can add a splash of color to your face and perk it up – PERFECTION! I grabbed 4 out of 6 lipsticks and 1 of the lipglasses from this collection – I have to say I really splurged on this one!





The lipsticks I picked up were: Playland (Yellow Gold Frost), Toying Around (Hot Coral), Head in the Clouds (Red Frost with Gold Shimmer), and Red Balloon (Hot Fuchsia). The lipglass I picked up was Live it Up, a gorgeous pastel orange.

Let’s start with Live it Up. It’s a color I’ve been hoping for! I always want to have a little orange in my makeup look during the Spring/Summer months! It’s very happy! In my opinion, lipglasses are very unforgiving of lip lines, as they seem to sink right in, so you will see that in the close up image of my lip swatch, but all in all, I find it a very flattering color! I feel this will look like PERFECTION over Sushi Kiss, which is NOW permanent!! Woot!

The applicator shows the true color of the lipglass.







Next, we have the lipsticks! I decided to compare them each with another lippy that looks familiar.

We’ll start with Playland, as I could not find one to compare it with – it’s in a league of its own, for sure! Now, this color looks daunting or unreasonable BUT I have to say that everyone can wear this. Why? It mingles with your lip color and makes it your own, and I feel that if you add a pink lipglass/gloss you can make it a rose gold beauty! One thing about frosts is that they can be unforgiving and go on unevenly, but if you’re willing to let YOUR lips do the “talking”, then go for it, I say! Let’s look:









Toying Around is one that I was really looking forward to 2nd to Playland. What can I say? I’m a frosty, metallic girl! Now, when I saw Toying Around in person, I thought, “Hmmm, now doesn’t this look like Ablaze?” Yep, it sure does. Let’s see?

On the top is Toying Around. Under it, Ablaze.





Ablaze, Toying Around:



Toying Around:







Toying Around:






Okay, they are kind of similar, but I (certified Lipstick Hoarder/Junkie) justify them both because of their different finish. What do you think?

Red Balloon is a Hot Fuchsia. I LOVE me some fuchsia, so I couldn’t NOT pick this up. When I saw it, I thought “Pleasure Bomb, is that you?!” I thought, “Maybe, you’ve been reborn from Matte to Amplified?” Let’s see?




Pleasure Bomb, Red Balloon:




Red Balloon:



Pleasure Bomb:



Red Balloon:



Pleasure Bomb:



I would say that Pleasure Bomb is a stand up knockout. That matte finish makes it seem hotter than Red Balloon, but Red Balloon is a babe, as well. She is amplified and can pile it up to get sultry. I justify them both. Of course. πŸ˜‰

And, then we have Head in the Cloud. This is a red frost with gold shimmer, and of course, we remember our latest and greatest Viva Glam Rihanna arrival. She looked quite similar (even the bullet head looked like they were twins!), but is she?




VG Rihanna, Head in the Clouds






Head in the Clouds:



VG Rihanna:



Head in the Clouds:



VG Rihanna:



Okay, I’m a sucker for glittery, metallic, frosty goodness. You know that, right? I definitely justify these both. I mean, c’mon – Head in the Clouds is a subtle red while VG Rihanna is VA VA VOOM in your face red! Yeah? Yeah!

Well, that’s that – remember, this LIMITED EDITION but it just arrived in stores, so you may be able to find them and always check MAC’s website, they may restock, you never know – sorry, but the ones I compared with are also LIMITED EDITION, but you know what? That means you may find a dupe somewhere else!

What do you think of this collection? Yay or Nay? Did you buy or did you pass?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Ablaze is my fav !! The golden lipstick was pretty scary for me at first because I don’t know what to expect , but once I saw the picture of you wearing it .. I am finding it a pretty fun color !!!! Looks real nice and unique

  2. I love these lippies! Such fun spring colors πŸ˜‰

  3. Toying Around looks awesome, will have to swing by my MAC counter asap!

  4. Such beautiful pictures you’ve taken! and the colors look great on you =) <3

    Definitely following you now! hope you'll do the same =)

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