PinkyParadise Princess Pinky Eclipse Lens (Brown) + Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown Photos/Review


When I was in high school, in 9th grade to be exact, I got contact lenses. Soon after, I got colored contacts in grey and green, and I wore them to my new school, and they really suited me. I don’t have pictures of them with me, but I loved them! I soon decided I loved my natural eye color and stopped wearing them, but recently, I was contacted by PinkyParadise to try two pairs of their contact lenses – one of them NEW: the Princess Pinky Eclipse Lens in Brown and the other one I decided to try out: the Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown.



I got them both with my prescription so that if I decided to wear them for a special occasion, I could actually see! Ha.


They came in glass bottles sealed extremely well to keep them sterile, which I, of course, appreciate! I clean my contacts regularly (especially around allergy season) so I was glad to know that what was going into my eyes was clean and safe.





They also came with the MOST ADORABLE contact lenses cases.  They were extremely adorable. I usually buy bulk in cases because I have to keep them close to me in case of irritation or need to cleanse them, so getting two more was exciting!


Again, since these are glass bottles, be careful with them. Also, there is a little learning curve to opening the bottles. You pop off the white top that you saw above, and you remain with something like this:

Please, please, please use scissors to follow the lines, and cut. Then you just pop the aluminum off, and then pluck the rubber piece off. Now, drain the fluid that’s in the bottle, and place the contacts into the case and add your contact solution to it. Now, wait 6 hours before you place them into your eyes. I did this overnight so that they could “clean off” the solution they were in.


Let’s take a look at the Princess Pinky lenses first. They are “dolly” contacts, so they enlarge your eyes. I personally do not need enlargement, so I chose a natural color so that it wouldn’t look odd. I was surprised at myself because the younger me would have chosen grey (that color looked natural on me, apparently – a lot of people used to stop and admire my eyes then), but I decided to stick with brown. My husband actually thought they looked nice on me, so I’ll fly with that. To me, it was very Twilight.

Here’s the contact in the case. Doesn’t it kind of look like kiwi?! 😀


And, then, in my eyes, you can see that the brown did shine through, but it does give an illusion of the pupil enlarged. And, it does also enlarge the iris. If you look closely, you can see the natural brown behind it.



Next, I tried the Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown, which is a more natural colored contact for me. I really went modest on these, but maybe if I get another opportunity, I will get some fun ones!


As you can see, there’s space for your natural iris to come through, as well. I liked this one on me, but it seemed like it did enlarge my iris again, which to me is an unnatural look. It’s still something I can wear on a daily basis, though!



Overall, I like these because they are fun for times I want to change up my look in a very subtle yet outstanding way. I found them to be comfortable like my ordinary contact lenses, and the prescription was up to par (I was a little wary of that since I wasn’t sure if international and U.S. prescription was identical or not, but it seems to be fine!), and they definitely did work even on my dark brown eyes. So, if you’re in the market for colored contacts, I would definitely recommend PinkyParadise, as they have LOTS of colors and options!

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What do you think? Have you experimented with your look via colored contact lenses?

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