Beth Bender Beauty Smokey Eye + Cat Eyeliner Stencils Photos/Review


Sometimes, you just have a little bit of time to get ready, and sometimes you just want the PERFECT smokey eye or cat eyeliner, so Beth Bender Beauty went ahead and made some stencils that are super easy to use AND clean! Not only that, they come with eyeshadow and everything you need, including brushes. My press kit came with 3 brushes, and 2 duo eyeshadows, and a loose eyeshadow. On the website, it will tell you what comes with each kit. And, some products can be purchased a la carte. Shall we take a look?


There is a natural kit with a dark brown and light brownish peach called Sundown.




And, there is a kit that has a nice matte black with a silver shimmer to use called After Hours.




There is also loose black shimmer eyeshadow in Onyx, which I ended up using for setting my eyeliner, and this worked wonders because my eyeliner (used a pencil, but you can use the matte black, as it is dark enough) stayed in place.


The stencils are incredibly easy to use! They show you exactly how to place over your eye. The Smokey Eye Stencil goes on with just the lid exposed, so all you have to do is use the brush to shade in the color you desire. Then, you can do it over to make it darker, or however you decide.


Same goes for the Cat Eyeliner Stencils. It covers everything except the lash line and leaves room to get you the perfect winged look and it can be used for your bottom lash line, as well. This one was a little difficult to place, but it can be done!


And, here is the final look using the matte black to coat the lid (x2) and then the lightest brown to highlight my browbone:



(Lipstick is MAC Viva Glam Rihanna)

I must say this worked really well because I sometimes have a little trouble getting ONLY the lid because my eyelids are a little hooded, but this really helped me “stay in the lines” and it was quicker than doing it on my own.

I also tried a look using my own eyeshadows, and of course, I really love this stencil set, and will use it to do my smokey eye. However, I love to do my cat eyeliner with a pencil, BUT I did love the loose black shimmer powder to set my eyeliner, and the stencil helps me get RIGHT on the eyeliner to set it perfectly without getting too messy!



(Lipstick is MAC Boyfriend Stealer)

Another thing I loved about the stencil set is the fact that the brushes worked perfectly (as you know I usually prefer using my own brushes) but the brushes were just as professional as any of my other preferred brushes.




And, lastly, I loved the fact the stencil set was easy to clean! All I used was a makeup remover wipe, and it wipes off easily! And, it’s ready to use the next time.

I would definitely recommend the Smokey Eye Stencils for those of you who want a quick and easy way to get the smokey eyes of your dreams and then move on to your event.

What do you think? Is this something you’ll be trying soon?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.



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