MAC By Request for Spring 2014 Photos/Swatches/Review



I was really excited over the MAC By Request for Spring 2014 Collection [ONLINE EXCLUSIVE] because there is nothing like a discontinued item coming back for a limited time. Of course, these are “vintage” so they might not fit the bill for all tastes, but they sure are pretty to me. Shall we get on with it?


(Left – Right: Hoop, Glam, and Pink Poodle)

Let’s start off with Hoop (Satin finish), which is a nice peachy pink. Ahh, how this will be perfect with a deep, dark smokey eye. This one is pretty, and I’m glad it’s back! I recommend a lipliner for this one!




Next, we have Glam, a pinkish red matte, although it looks very satin-like to me! This one is indeed glam. To me, reds are a must in my makeup drawer, but this one is probably quite dupeable. This one is a nice-to-have, but I wouldn’t pin it as a must-have. I would definitely recommend a lipliner with this one. [Edit: Glam stains your lips to a nice berry. I woke up with perfectly dark berry lips even though I washed my face and removed the lipstick. Also, my arm still had a dark pink rectangle from where I had swatched it.]




Pink Poodle, one I personally voted for because I’m a HUGE SUCKER for duochromes and interesting colors, is a beauty! (Wait ’til you see this baby close-up! I also got the lipglass (By Request one) for this, and I’ll show you that, as well; although, I do not have the product photo of it. If you want me to add it, let me know in the comments, and I can do so!) It’s a Glaze finish, and it’s lovely! A nice change when I don’t want a full-on fuchsia lip.




And, now with lipglass:



And, with lipglass ONLY:



So, at the time of this post, I just checked and the ONLY one SOLD OUT is Hoop lipstick! So, if you are liking what you see, go grab one quick because this is the longest I’ve seen a LIMITED EDITION up! Remember, this is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE!

Quick arm swatch:


(Top – Bottom: Glam, Hoop, Pink Poodle, Pink Poodle L/S with L/G, Pink Poodle L/G)


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I definitely need to go pick up Pink Poodle! Very pretty!

  2. They look great on you darling !

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