SmartFX SmartBrow Eyebrow Filler in Brunette Photos/Review


As someone who has thin eyebrows, I was really excited to get the opportunity to test the SmartBrow in Brunette. As someone who is pretty new to filling in my eyebrows, I was also crossing my fingers that it really would do as promised. Eyebrows really do make the face, so it’s important to make sure they are looking good for you to finish your face.

The kit includes the SmartBrow and the SmartBrow Cleanser.


When opened, it looks like so.


Let’s take a closer look at each end. It has two sides, a “liquid liner” type tip and one that looks like a “mascara wand”. The “liquid liner” tip is used to line the eyebrows and then use short strokes to fill in gaps in your eyebrow or areas you need filling. While this is wet, the instructions advise you to brush over your eyebrows. I will admit, the SmartBrow was daunting, at first, only because I didn’t know if it would look right with my hair color and there’s always a learning curve with these kinds of products, but it was especially easy to use!

This is what you need to use to line your eyebrows and fill in empty spaces or wherever necessary.


Here is what you will need to use to brush over your eyebrows when wet.


Here is a before and after of my eyebrows, so you can see how it worked out. It makes them look completely natural instead of marked up.


And, here’s a closer look so you can see how hair-like it looks! I loved the Brunette shade because I prefer the filler to be lighter than my eyebrows or it looks a little too unnatural.



The cleanser is wonderful, as well, because this product is waterproof (as it should be! You don’t want your eyebrow melting on you!) and this gets it off with a little massaging. It is kind of greasy so what I did was use my facial cleanser afterwards and washed my face again to make sure it was completely off.

I’ve actually been using this to fill in my eyebrows because it’s been doing a beautiful job! I used my eyebrow pencil’s brush end to brush it out afterwards to make it even more natural, but to be honest, it didn’t budge and dries semi-quickly. I think I will definitely be using mine for my brows.

What do you think? Is this a product you would try out for yourself?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Wow! That does look natural! I may have to give it a shot. I’m brow challenged.

  2. Always so nice to find a good brow product!!! Not always easy for us black-haired girls 😉

  3. This reminds be of Benefit’s Gimme Brow, but a more liquid version! Cool!

  4. That turned out really nice and it doesn’t look filled in at all. Yeah I’d like to get better at filling my brows.

  5. This looks so easy to use!

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  10. Hi,
    I am so happy that i stumbled upon your Smartbrow fix blog. I was wondering whether to g o in for Black brown or Brunette color. I was doubtful with both colors as I didn’t want something too black nor some very brown which might make my naturally black but thin eyebrow look odd. The person on the dermastore site said brunette was the one i should go for. I want your advise, I am not very fair, nor dark. I am kind of typical Indian skin, wheat complexion, with naturally black hair which of course I have been coloring in mostly brownish shades just a little lighter than my original black shade.
    Please tell me can I surely go for the Brunette color, for they don’t have many choice, they have only 3 shades.
    I will be very happy if you can email me, regarding this.
    My email id is:
    Now they having a discount going on i want to make use of it. BTW, I live in India, in Bangalore.

    • Hi there! I honestly was sent both black/brown and brunette, but I went with brunette because I like my eyebrows done lighter than they are naturally. I actually quite like brunette, so much so that I have finished it and have already purchased a replacement. I am also a medium skintone (for reference, NC35 in MAC) and am considered fair to most Indians. I would go with Brunette because it looks super natural and black/brown may be matching our hair color. If you prefer that, then by all means, I would recommend black/brown. But if you don’t want them to be too stand out, I would recommend brunette. Hope that helps! Let me know if I can advise you further! ?

  11. Hello there. So I have almost no brows due to bad plucking habits when i was younger. Now they are full and healthy and untouched in the center and as they spread out they get so thin they disappear. Brows are naturally straight across with no arch and i was going for the arched look so i pretty much just got rid of the outer half of each brow and drew that on the way i wanted. So now they look like this: ( /////// / / / / / ) I am very pale skinned and i have jet black hair and right now my brow routine consists of drawing and shaping them out with a dark brown/black liner first and then going back over that and adding wispy lines of black so it looks more blended and not supper harsh. I am satisfied with that result as far as the way it looks. its very natural looking and no one can tell i only have half an eyebrow on each side. So my problem with it is its durability. They have a tendency to smear or come off on things (including my boyfriends face) Iv dealt with it for so long that it has even effected the way i position my head when i sleep so now i can wake up in the morning and they are still there. ( good for staying at friends and such right?) it would be so wonderful if i could accidentally brush my hand over my forehead or something and not have to worry about them still being there. So how well does this stuff adhere? And how dark is the black/brown? I have a very cool undertone so very dark dusky, kinda gray Black/browns look the best. Lighter browns, like the brunette are way too warm on me. Let me know what you think cause i am seriously wanting to put some faith in this. Thanks and hope to hear from you. -Madalynn

    • Hi Madalynn! Thank you for your question. I am definitely not an expert on eyebrows, but SmartBrow is a semi-permanent product. I am not exactly sure how the black/brown looks, but yes brunette is kind of neutral brown, in my opinion. I also love It Cosmetics Universal Taupe Build-a-Brow and wear that more often as of late and have not had it smear or come off for the entire day, but I have not worn it overnight, so I cannot share that experience. Let me know if you have anymore questions, but I do think Build-a-Brow might be a better suited brow product, and it is available to swatch (I think!) at Ulta. 🙂

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