Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Medium/Deep Tones (The FINAL Verdict) Photos/Review


You may remember I’ve been testing out the Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Medium-Deep Tones, and it’s been 5 days since I’ve done my trial of the BB Body Cream. You can see my INITIAL THOUGHTS HERE.





Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream states on the back that it does the above 5 things, so I am going to go through them all and give you my opinion.

1) Hydrates & Smoothes: After Day 2 and 3, I noticed a significant difference in the “texture” of my skin. It was noticeably softer and smoother and definitely felt hydrated and even looked so. I feel that this is not that big of a deal as any body cream should state that it does this, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

2) Brightens & Illuminates: The BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream does in fact have a tint to it, but not enough to make a HUGE difference in one trial. It is a sheer cream so don’t expect it to be acting as a foundation that conceals imperfections and magically making them disappear. This cream did brighten and illuminate in the way I did expect – not in a noticeable way. When I share the pictures with you, understand that angles and pictures can reflect differently, so that does not prove the cream’s success; although, in my opinion of seeing myself in these past 5 days, I feel that my skin does have a little glow to it, and I will be trying this cream out for a little longer to see if it makes any more changes.

3) Evens Skin Tone: I feel that this did in fact help in making my skin tone appear even, but again, it is hard to monitor (even via camera because again pictures can be shot in different angles and can reflect depending on backgrounds, time of day, etc.) I also think that 5 days is not an accurate amount of time for skin to even out, but it does look like it is starting to happen, so I will continue to use it to see.

4) Visibly Firms Skin: As a mother, my skin has definitely become looser than it was B.C. or before child. So, I was looking forward to seeing if this would work to firm up my skin, and I do think that it did in a way firm up skin, and again, I will continue to use to see if it makes more of a difference than 5 days of use.

5) Minimizes the Appearance of Imperfections: I have large pores on my legs, and since they are paler than the rest of my body, they are extremely noticeable. I was hoping that the BB Body would make a change on them, but instead, I think this is a great product for blurring minute imperfections. I would have to give it some more times on my legs and HOPE it would do its job.

So, overall, what do I think? This product does hydrate and smooth, and did get rid of my itchy Winter skin, but then again, Spring is also upon us so the temperature change and warmth in the wind also has its impact on my skin. I have put quite a dent in the cream, since I did use it generously because I wanted to give it my best shot. I think 5 days is less time for a product to do its magic, so I will give the product a mid- to low-grade because it was starting to do its job, but didn’t do it in the time that was alotted. I feel that I might give the cream until its empty container to see if it worked, so I will continue to use until it is complete and then see if this product is worth another purchase. So, I would suggest that if you need a “foundation” for your body, this is definitely not it. If you need a hydrating and moisturizing body cream with a “shaving cream”-like scent, here you go! Also, this may firm and blur imperfections, but don’t expect it all in a week’s time.

Also, I would definitely be willing to try a CC Body Cream, as I would love to cover up the large pores on my legs for the Summertime! Someone make it, STAT!

Here are the results on my arm:




What do you think? Would you still try it?

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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