Neutrogena Body Oil (Light Sesame Formula) Review


Winter months are extremely drying for me, and I am no fan of dry skin, especially when you are all itchy. So, I’ve included body oil into my routine along with moisturizer, and I just finished my Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body OilΒ (which I use up way too fast, sadly). So, of course, I went out for groceries, and I happened upon a body oil by one of my favorite skincare brands, Neutrogena, so I snatched that up all too quickly! I was really looking forward to trying this out, so I did – Right away!


I was a little anxious about the “light sesame formula” it boasts because I’m always hesitant to try NEW skincare products, especially oils and products that have scents and could cause unexpected rashes, etc. But, I was sold only because it did say light. I read the directions on the back, just for the sake of using it effectively, and this is what it said:



I don’t usually take baths because it takes more time and as you all know, I have a kiddo. Anyway, I’d *LOVE* to try it that way, but I decided to put it over any itchy, troubled dry areas, and THEN take a shower. I would suggest being careful using this in a bath or shower because the floor could become slippery since the product is an oil. I’ve used this both on clean, dry skin and before or during a shower. I prefer before because you are certain that it “sticks” to your troubled dry areas. Also, even if you are not dry and itchy, this is a great way to seal in moisture. I highly recommend this for moisturized and healthy skin.

The oil itself is light, just like it promises, and has a soft and somewhat floral scent. The scent wears off after awhile but if you use it before and during your shower, the scent should just be as soft as any soaps/body washes you use. I have definitely been feeling a difference using body oils and my skin feels tender and soft, just the way it should feel!

Have you tried any body oils? If not, what do you use to stay moisturized?



Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I have actually used it on my hair quite often and it’s pretty good !! Smells great and non greasy .. Works best to hold stray hair after styling .. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been tempted to pick this up at the grocery many times! Great review!

  3. No, I haven’t used any body oils, but I am interested in trying some. Honestly, I have really never knew for sure how to use them besides putting them in your bath. I know, yep I am old……!!!!!……LOL!

    • Yes! Even I am now learning about them, but I do highly recommend it! If you’re not a bath person, either apply before or during your shower, or after and pat dry. Should work well! <3

  4. I normally just use organic coconut oil to seal in moisture but I love trying new products as long as I don’t break out from them.

  5. Ooh this sounds nice! I usually use coconut oil if I use an oil but I slack with it pretty badly.
    I just like to get in and out and dressed asap lol No time for lotion or oil most the time (except my hands haha)
    I need to start taking better care of more than my nails D:

  6. I have been keeping a bottle of jojoba oil in the shower and I put it on when I’m finished. I’ll have to check this oil out though!

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