LipScape Economic Lipstick & Mississippi Wetscapes Liquid Lipstick Swatches/Review


LipScape offers all-natural lip products inspired by geographical imagination, handcrafted in NOLA!

LipScape has gotten me to come out of my “shell” to try out colors that I have never tried before. I received a lipstick and a liquid lipstick this time, and I was beyond pleased with both shades. Let’s take a look!


Let’s start with Economic, a lovely peachy pink/coral – the PERFECT lipstick to start off Spring with. I wore this all day long because it was JUST beautiful and comfortable to wear. The formula has definitely improved on LipScape. This shade is a satin, in my opinion, because it’s matte but also has a soft sheen to it. I can see myself wearing this A LOT!



I chose Mississippi because it looked unbelievably unique, and that it is! I’m SO glad I tried this one because it is now one of my favorite glosses EVER. I even took an up close shot so you could see what it’s all about. Shall we take a look?!


It has a twist applicator, so you just twist the bottom and it “oozes” color out. Don’t let the color intimidate you – it’s not really a sparkly chocolate brown color. Or is it?!



On me, it looked like a pewter grey mixed with my lip coloring to turn it kind of a reddish brownish grey? I loved it, though! Very, very unique! And you HAVE to see it UP CLOSE! Wow.


Not what it looked like from far away, right?! This beautiful shade is a chameleon and changes depending on angle. It’s SO gorgeous and wore really well without any tacky or sticky feeling at all. It also smelled like cupcakes when I was applying but not in an overwhelming way.

At the moment, I am really eyeing the Romance Wetscapes Collection because I love metallics, and if it looks ANYTHING like Mississippi, I will be wearing it a lot.

What do you think of these shades? Go with the norm (Economic) or go unique (Mississippi)?

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